|   Apr 27, 2017


I love talking with kids, working with them and listening to them! They are imaginative, ambitious and every time surprised with something new without any complications. A few weeks ago talking with a girl, she was around 10years old. We were discussing about passions. With sparkling eyes, she revealed “I love baking”- sounds great coming from a 10 years old is really interesting. However she also mentioned, she hardly finds time during school days, she can pamper her hobbies only during Holidays. Her mom plans her day in such a way where there is no time for her Me time. She is free for only 1 hour in a week. Rest of the week she is packed with sports, music, maths, foreign language, swimming, Zumba and so on....apart from school work.

I have seen kids are packed with all planned activities like swimming, chess, yoga, cricket, music and so on! So where is Me time for them? These generation kids behave like a ROBOT. Our childhood was much better, we had lots of ME time. If kids are following rote learning who will discover the beauty of nature?  Who will play with sensitive Mimosa leaves?  There will be a day when no one appreciates the beauty of Sunrise and Sunsets. No one will dance with rain and kids will never sing with moving tides. Life is not measured by the report cards, breaths you take, but by the breaths, you take but by the moments that take your breath away.

I remember a game which has no logic behind it, we just need few like-minded friends that’s all. Few games which became extinct already like Hide and seek, Pittu(seven stones), where you just need eye-hand coordination, another interesting game was Hopscotch- is almost obscure. Many even feel these are outdated, but these games are replaced with what?

Unstructured play means activities that children’s create without adult interference. Unstructured free play can be anywhere, even without four walls. Free play promotes cognitive, intellectual, social, emotional, and intelligence growth too.

Many parents may not agree, they believe in constant supervision, parents also hire people to look after their kids. It is proved that over vigilance can spoil the confidence of the children. Let them experience from their own mistakes. They will fall, rise and prepare for the unknown future. It is better to fall at 10 rather than 30. We worry because of some factors like strangers attack, crime, trafficking, and much more, take precaution and let them play.

Even these days most of the International schools focussing on Me time. It's been observed that people excel in subjects which they love or passionate not stereotype Education.

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