A woman's pain in a mother...
|   May 30, 2016
A woman's pain in a mother...

How do you cope with the loss of a baby? Are you ever able to cope with the loss? Every time your body physically hurts with the loss, you are also emotionally fretting. The loss of a child, in whichever form, is never easy for the parents. Mind you, it is no doubt difficult for the mother, but it also equally painful for the father. Men may not go through the physical pain of course, but the emotional setback is hard on them too, although very few will show it.

So what happens when an episode takes place? Firstly, you as the mom, are only coping with the events unfolding around you. You know that you have a baby inside you, but you aren't sure what happens to that little thing you so badly want. You see the nervousness on your husband's face, you know he is the one who gets all the first-hand news. And you can see him trying hard to balance his words so that they don't hit you hard. But you don't have the patience. You know something is wrong, but you want it to be a joke. You want it to "undo". You want it to just become right before you even hear it.

You feel your body go through a whole shift. You were fine just now, suddenly you don't feel so good. You try to show your strong, but your sinking from within. You're hoping everyone around you doesn't see how weak you are. So, you put on your strong face and a smile and ready to take what comes your way. Amongst all of this, you are scared about your life too. You love yourself too.

After a long bout of darkness, your eyes are open again. Dream? No. You're in it. And it's only the beginning.

Your body is going to change and sulk more than you. You're going to hurt more than you think you know. But you can't let this feeling take over your being. You have to get strong, you have to bounce back, with all your might. You are going to be ok. Till then, you will face what comes your way. And you are going to try harder and harder till you drop down. You're not giving up! 

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