Paranoid who? Me? I ought to be...
|   May 26, 2016
Paranoid who? Me? I ought to be...

Mumbai, the city of dreams! A city that can cater to any class, creed, and income level. A city that treats all alike. A city that has traffic running through its veins through the night. A city that has no stopping.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, I loved this city. I could holiday in another part of the country but never felt at ease. Here, I could just be, feeling at home.

Years have passed, and never once did the thought cross my mind about leaving this "full of life" city. But as more years passed, and I got my little girl, there is this feeling of insecurity, this fear that keeps gripping me. Is this city really good for my baby girl? Is it safe for her to walk the streets, without having to watch her back? Is it fine to stay out late, without the worry of being followed back home?

Mumbai faces frequent cases of sexual assault and crime, published or not, reported or not. So am I being paranoid when I think about my girl's safety. I may sound cynic, but when you have a daughter, isn't the thought frightening?

And then again, this has always been your home. Where do you go?

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