Why there is no happiness!!
|   Nov 07, 2016
Why there is no happiness!!


The other day I was sitting and talking to my friends about how happy we are? And to my surprise people around me say that they are not happy with all that they have. I wondered why did someone who has a healthy mind, body & the one who belongs to a good family background, has a well to do job and is definitely good looking would ever say that. I stayed quiet and let the discussion go on and just calmly listened to their opinion about NOT BEING SAD but also NOT VERY HAPPY.

So post the discussion I had many things to say but somehow I did not utter a word because I felt that this wouldn’t help it make any better. I went to bed early with the thought that what is it that makes people HAPPY or SAD???

What is that makes us feel LUCKY OR UNLUCKY??

It’s nothing but our BRAINS....yes our brains!!

After a deep thinking and discussion with my own self I was able to figure out at least what made them say that we are not happy. And I would like to mention that people think that they are not happy but they know that they are not sad EITHER. Confused?? So was I...

People of our generation grow up listening to the achievement of great scientists, astronauts, engineers or other famous people in respective fields. Since our childhood we are told it is a tough competitive world outside. Rush!! Or else you will be the last. So in the rush we forget to live for ourselves we just rush because the other person is fast and he or she has a higher pace, not because I m a fast runner. By this I nowhere mean to say that our parents are wrong, they are just running the same race since forever and they want the next generation to go even faster. This rushing leads to negligence of a lot of things. Things like our health, family, love, care, choices and etc...Which eventually makes us jeopardize our HAPPINESSS?

After finishing the school parents always say that my friend’s child is studying there and you have still not decided what you want from life and all that jazz. And then when the college is over another running session starts that is towards finding a good job with at least a package that holds more zeros than Aryabhatta would have ever thought of. Now this is another level of the competition. Earlier it was just family, relatives or probably friends but now it’s a social status to have a great paying job not to give shape to the career but again to live a life where brand of the clothes, gadgets , places you go to eat and last but not the least weekends getaway/Holiday become another milestone to cross.

If somehow one survives this turbulent journey and makes it to the above mentioned things it is just not enough. Family and relatives start rushing to find a good match because the girl or boy next door got married at the age of 24 and is lively happily in some city overseas. This gets even worse when the so called social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram shows achievement updates, holiday updates and lovey dovey pictures of people in our FRIEND LIST.

So in the this entire journey of excelling and doing good because others are doing or may be because that defines one's status and of the family, we land up building that Dissatisfaction and here is when we become “not so happy but not sad either”. Because the flashy life of an overpaying jobs, a smart phone, a holiday and other stuff will never help us to be happy. These things are collectively pushing us towards that edge where we are not even be able to figure out what really makes us happy.

I think it is like a game named subway surfer, we are just running to collect point. No clue what the journey is all about, how many points to win but we are just collecting points and running.

So, to conclude I would like to say let’s live every moment to the fullest. Let’s just do what we are really meant to do not because people around us are doing it. And enjoy every bit of it, even if it a normal paying job, dinning at a not so flashy place, sitting at home with loved ones or alone during long weekends but if it makes us contended it’s just THE BEST.

This is how we can help ourselves live a better Today, Tomorrow and Forever. And when at any given point of time there is a discussion we would proudly have an answer to it….Yes I am Happy!!!



Neelima Joshi


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