Those Little Acts of Love!
|   Jul 09, 2016
Those Little Acts of Love!

We were the kind of couple who unintentionally had a frown on our faces when our co passenger had a baby, used to opt for a table far away from a family just because they had a baby, dreaded when there was a kid near us at the movie theatre, all because of the fact that we had always associated baby to "miniature humans who cry for no reason". Now that we are parents, we know exactly how it is, when your little one throws a tantrum and I know I owe a huge apology to a lot of mothers out there for those stares I have showered upon them at various instances, trust me I was completely oblivious at that time. So here are a few strangers who taught me the small acts of love.

Travelling alone with my baby:
The lady on the flight who played peekaboo with my 14 month old son when he was bored during our 45 min journey to our native. If not for her, I would have seen myself walking up and down the aisle.

At the mall:
The lady who sent her toddler to talk to my baby when he was throwing a tantrum just because he didnt want to sit on his pram.

At the supermarket:
The lady who let me go ahead her at the billing counter because I was trying to balance baby and vegetables with both hands.

At the park:
The gentleman who helped me fold and unfold the pram to pass through the entrance when I was struggling to do it with baby on one hand.

At the apartment:
The old man who stopped by just to hold the elevator door for me when I was trying acrobatics to keep the door open with my leg while pushing the pram in.

When I look back there are so many such small acts of kindness which has made that moment a little easier for me. Thanks for making me realise this is all it takes to bring a smile on people's face, to make that moment a little less difficult for them. So let's spread the joy of love to people around us! :)

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