Life has changed and how!!
|   Oct 22, 2016
Life has changed and how!!

Recently I was penning down an article where I mentioned that even after close to 2 years post a baby, I still feel the same way I did 10 years ago – the happy-go-lucky girl who got most of what she wanted. I still have the same temper (or has it increased?) which usually is unleashed on husband or poor mom, I still struggle to wake up in the middle of the night without being highly annoyed , I still tend to lose patience quickly (a lot more nowadays)

So this contest got me into thinking – does having a baby change everything? Well it does change quite a lot of things. And then it got me into a train of thoughts on what actually has changed. I think the basic me remains the same, however one main thing motherhood has taught me is time management. I can plan each task that is to be done, very effectively, according to her wake and nap times. Managing cooking, cleaning, brooming, a quick shower (etc etc the list is never ending ) within her sleep times has definitely increased my multi-tasking skills and efficiency levels. Which keeps me thinking, what did I ever do with all that time I had to myself before the baby?

The earlier me was an impulsive person when it came to cooking. Think of it when required, check the groceries and decide what is to be cooked. If too lazy to cook, order in or eat out. Now, I plan my entire day well in advance. I have the vegetables chopped; all meals planned the previous night itself. Most days, both breakfast and lunch are almost ready by the time she is up. Thankfully she is a late riser but this from a person who would wake up and wonder about breakfast (or just have oats most days), is a drastic change!!

I have always loved Bollywood songs. I wouldn’t have much information on the movies but songs list would be up to date. My entire day would go about in humming to these melodies. Now, the only melodies (if I may call them so) that I involuntarily sing are rhymes. The other day I was at a shopping center and was humming “ring around the rosy”!! That too without my daughter around. This change catches me off guard several times a day.

The earlier me hated any kind of mess. My husband can vouch for this. I hated it when he left things around, kept cribbing about the laptop being here, books being there. I was super proud of having spotless kitchen tops and bathrooms. Our carpets were probably the most vacuumed. Many of his friends would comment on how clean our house carpets looked! I think the post- baby me has accepted that life in the near future is going to be far from mess free. I still hate it when my daughter plays around - puts food here and there, spills water , messes up her clothes. I run with a cloth to clean her and around her. I still lose my temper on my husband and insist on my daughter to keep her toys away. But I can somehow manage to walk across a living room strewn with blocks. A hundred soft toys toppled on the sofa or thousand books on her bed do not agitate me as much. I think I have come a long way!!

Earlier , I would struggle to carry a 2-3 kg grocery bag, now I invariably lift up a 10 kg person – yes motherhood makes us stronger physically too.

I had never imagined myself talking about peeing or pooping. Now, it’s a daily talk in the household and talked about (the little one's just to be clear) without inhibitions!!

Earlier I would feel super tired even if I had had 7 hours of sleep at night as a 9 hr stretch was mandatory. Now good sleep means at least one 4 hour stretch.

Weekends meant waking up after 9 (sometimes 10 or 11 :O). Now I invariably wake up after I have had max 6-7 hour sleep and get going for the day. There is anyway lots to do around the house, who can differentiate between weekdays and weekends?

Earlier, going out meant just that. Take the purse and head out. Lunch/dinner would happen anywhere. Now, any outing requires the big diaper bag to be packed first. Even if we go out to eat, we have to cook and pack for the little one, adjust her sleep and nap schedules; plan to get back early lest her sleep gets affected. Packing multiple things like water, juice, milk, fruits, dry fruits, biscuits along with a meal is common. You know just in case she is not in the mood to eat one thing, or asks for something else, be prepared for all of it.

The list just goes on and on. Oh! this blog will never end if I keep listing the pr and post baby changes. I will end it with a saying I loosely remember reading on a friend’s status – “You are a parent when the word pamper makes you think of diapers instead of its actual meaning”. This is how a baby impacts and changes our lives 😃

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