Losing that pregnancy weight
|   Oct 19, 2016
Losing that pregnancy weight

I was one of the lucky ones to not have gained too much weight during pregnancy. In fact, I constantly worried if the baby was gaining enough, as the scales did not show too much difference each time I checked. Even a week before delivery, I had hardly increased by 9-10 kgs.

But after delivery, I still looked 7 months pregnant! Post one month, I checked my weight and was ecstatic to see a huge decrease in weight. However, it stayed there and the scales refused to budge henceforth. Much much later during one of my daughter's vaccinations, I went ahead to check my weight. I was surprised to see it much lesser than my pre-pregnancy weight!! So how did I manage to lose it? Weight loss wasn't the primary focus. I am sure lot of things like genetics, eating right, not dieting help but few major things that definitely helped are –

1. Breastfeeding – Feeding the baby miraculously burns so much of calories. It is said that one can burn as much as 300-500 calories per day by just sitting and feeding the baby. This is very true; I do remember being hungry all the time. Either mom or hubby would get me glass of milk and fruits even at mid-night.

2. Yoga - Once you are set with a decent baby routine, you can start basic exercises like walking or Yoga. Few months down the line, all the ghee and eating for the baby started showing up. That was when I decided to re-start Yoga. Yoga helps so much. Extremely relaxing, helps keep calm plus you get your “me-time”. Even sparing 10 minutes to do 5 Suryanamaskaras or 20 crunches helps a ton. I still regret stopping in between, but do have high hopes of continuing with Yoga sometime soon.

3. Daily outings - As baby grows older, he/she is bound to get bored of being inside the house all day. Taking them out for a walk either in a stroller or baby carrier helps. A daily 30 minute dose of fresh air and walk makes lot of difference to both mind and body! 

4. Carrying baby – This is a no brainer. Carry your baby as much as possible. This in itself is sufficient exercise. Plus the baby loves it ;). Dear daughter needs to be carried around to be put to bed. There have been times when me/hubby have held her in arms for more than 20 minutes! Now, walking around for even 10 minutes with an almost 10 kg weight is very tiring and definitely should burn calories!! This was when I decided I burned enough calories by just carrying her around and just stopped yoga! 

5. Last but not the least , which did help me a LOT - Ditch the house help. ;) If nothing does, then brooming, mopping, cleaning after the baby along with running around a toddler should do! 

All of these definitely helped me get back in shape and into my pre-preg clothes faster than I thought! Hope some of these ideas help you too. Do share your inputs on what helped/helps lose that extra fat!

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