Only "Love" can make it happen !!! Avoid Scolding your Kid :)
|   May 29, 2017
Only "Love" can make it happen !!! Avoid Scolding your Kid :)

I was crying because of some reason and did not realize Hridaan is watching me...

He came to me n asked .."mumma aap kyun ro rahi ho" ..I kept quite....he again asked..." Mumma aapko papa ne data??"

I was surprised hearing such words from him, I immediately wiped my tears & turned into smile n hugged him , saying " Nahi betu mujhe Nani ki yad aa rahi hai " :D

Such a stupid mistake I made, we never realize what wo do , what we react in front of our kids , will impact them directly - Indirectly.

They actually behave same way what we do... It happend because we treat our kids with anger sometimes & scold them.

We get frustrated n patience less when our kids dont eat, dont listen to us, dont  behave the way we think they should do in public. But thats not their fault.. They are "Kids" ..this is the time for them to enjoy their life...

"Bache nahi karenge to kaun karega yar "

We actually forget what we used to think earlier before having baby , in pregnancy time , that we will love our kid all of above & will not say a single word , scold & slap them.... Thinking about doing this , will give us goosebump...

Then what happend now ????  Did  we forget all that ... No ..Not at alll!!!!

In fact , we have lack of Patience and Time now.  That's the reason... we want to complete every task in hurry...

We want kid to finish his/her meal quickly without any mess , but when they dont , we shout on them ...

We shout , when they break something precious , we shout when they do mess, we shout when they make themself dirty...

we shout when they run here n there...." Shouting" is not the solution but a fear in their heart  by what they think they made mistake....and they start crying..

The same happened that day when I was crying & hridaan thought I have been scolded. That day I realized , we will now make everything possible by "Love" only not by scolding n shouting on him.

We will teach him what is right n what is wrong  happily n patiently...

Now we follow this and  he understands n expresses himself more now!!!!

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