You Are Not Dependent On Your Wife, You Can Move On.
|   May 21, 2016
You Are Not Dependent On Your Wife, You Can Move On.

It was during a casual get together when one of our friend (his wife is also working) suggested my husband to move to other city to explore work related opportunities. From listing many benefits by this friend, one that distressed me for days was non dependency of my husband on me. It compelled me to think for once, as if my husband is not dependent on me in any way. I am a wife, a homemaker and now a Stay at home mom for my daughter, but these affiliations are not enough to make my family dependent on me.

This debate is not  for proving worth of working or non working moms. It's not a #contest to be won. A mother is a mother in any case #EveryDayIsMothersDay.  If she prefers to work after having baby, its not easy for her to leave the new born behind and step out. And on the other side if she choses to stay with her kid, she goes through the pain of putting down her hard earned educational degrees on break . It is two sides of a coin in which one cannot be overrated. I had gone through this dilemma and believe me its difficult to choose one. But I am thankful to my husband who always supported me in my decisions and always boost up my confidence. 

My child is dependent on me from the day I conceived, the moment she came into our life.  My husband is dependent on me for raising his kid  in safe and trusted hands. After all, this is what we call a family, where everyone has a need of other. In spite of this, I fail to understand that what kind of dependency our society talks about? Is raising a child by STAYING AT HOME is the birth responsibility of a mother only? And if its happily and whole heartedly accepted by her, then why it is not credited ? Why it is not considered equivalent (if not higher) to a paid job ? Why can't value the work of a SAHM who doesn’t bring home a paycheck ? Is dependency in today's world only monetary? This is the mentality of our society and believe me it is not gender biased. This view is very well accepted by everyone .

And I am afraid , one day this influential society make my kid feel like : My mom remains free whole day as she stays at home.

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