August...the month of memories
|   Aug 06, 2016
August...the month of memories

Aah the month of august For some It is the month of rainy season arrival For some  it's the month of monsoon carnival But for me it's d month of memories retrieval

Dearest harsha Hard to believe that am a mother of a toddler now.. i jus love your laid-back, easy-going, silly personality. You enjoy large crowds, being around people you know and people you don’t. I love the way you smile with a wide-open mouth, laughing silently or giggling audibly. The way you love to be swung around, thrown in the air or flipped upside down. The way you reach out to touch everything. The way you love to offer us your food, your toys or the little scraps of paper you find on the ground. I love the way you wake up in the mornings with a cute smile.

 This whole of an year been my most exciting, fun,exhaustable and adventurous times in my life. From seeing you smile to crawl to walk and now climbing/running up our stairs. You are an 24×7 energetic baby

I will forever cherish our silly mommy-son moments. Dancing in the hall to get you to eat your lunch. Channeling every silly voice and accent I know as I sang "wheels on the bus"  for the zillionth time. Our pretend wrestling matches and rough housing on the bed. The shriek you would make when you would get a good clump of my hair. I shrieked too but out of pain.

I better stock up on more n more caffeine to deal with your endless energy, Band-Aids for all the bumps and bruises you'll endure on your new adventures, and it's time amma needs to binge on to her career again Hope you ill be more cooperative baby

No matter how old you get I hope you will always let me scoop you up, squeeze you right and kiss those chubby cheeks. In that embrace, the world is perfect. In that embrace, time stands still and you are my sweet little boy.

You gave an apt meaning to your name Forever an HAPPY BABY

I love you harsha! Happy first birthday

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