Transition of a daughter.. to mother..
|   Jul 14, 2017
Transition of a daughter.. to mother..

While preparing pakode for my family (which includes my in-laws, my hubby and my 1 year old son), I was into tears. The reason was simple - I was missing my mom. I was just thinking how time changes. A few years back I was a carefree daughter who was being fed her hot favorite food by her mom & here I stand now feeding my whole family; keeping the last bite for myself. I do have a mother in law who is very caring & a master chef but your mother's love (also the love she puts in her cooking ) is something that can not be compared to anyone else's. I was really not very close to my mom before I left my home for job. Things changed completely after marriage. As an "unmarried" daughter I never thought that even my mom should be pampered the same way she took care of all of us. Today when I stand in her shoes, I can understand her feelings better. That time has slipped away and now I can only showcase my care for her on phone. She is my best advisor and in our hour long conversations everyday, she would still advise me to adjust wherever needed but also take a stand for myself if required. I always tell her if I can love my son only 50% of how much you love us (me & my elder brother), I would think that I am doing justice as a mother. Well ... I am not saying that I do not love being a mother; I surely do but I also miss being just a daughter!

I am sure many of you would agree with me on this.

P.S. This is my first blog so any kind of feedback would really help me in my future narrations :)

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