She didn't know what an Ectopic Pregnancy was.. until it happened to her.....
|   Sep 05, 2016
She didn't know what an Ectopic Pregnancy was.. until it happened to her.....

Priti had been very particular about the contraception as she was happy about her single daughter and didn't want to have another child. After consulting with her husband and gynaecologist, she had got IUD ( Intrauterine Device) as a measure of contraception. Everything was fine until one particular month she noticed, she had missed her periods. Worried she was but she waited for another two days as her cycle had earlier also remained inconsistent many a times. But that evening brought a troublesome news for her when she tested positive on the urine pregnancy test. She rang up her gynaecologist who advised her to repeat the test with first morning sample of urine. Her voice was shaky when she shared it with her husband, Vinay. They were very sure that IUD was a very effective contraception measure. Anyhow, Vinay soothed her down and told her, "Let's wait for tomorrow. May be it's some other hormonal problem." 

Priti could hardy sleep at night as she really didn't want to go through this ordeal of an unwanted pregnancy. But her worst fear came true.. it still showed positive in the morning. That very evening she went to get the ultrasound done on the advise of her doctor just to confirm. She drank a lot of water and laid down on the clinic bed where the doctor was ready to do the ultrasound. Perplexed she looked as she tried to ascertain the pregnancy. At last she exclaimed, "There is NO trace of pregnancy, this must be some other problem." That moment brought such a relief for Priti as she got to hear that she was NOT PREGNANT. She got an appointment fixed with her gynaecologist in the evening. Priti and Vinay sat outside as both of them waited eagerly for the doctor to show up the clinic. It was 7 in the evening and they were called inside. The doctor looked at the ultrasound report and aksed Priti a few questions about her monthly periods, dates and whether there have been any problem in between due to IUD. She meekly said, "So, I am not pregnant. what exactly the problem is?" But what the doctor said multiplied her worries. In a very gentle tone, the doctor said, "Yes, you are pregnant. If it is not showing in the uterus, we have to see where the fetus is? It's a case of ECTOPIC PREGNANCY. May be we have to do the surgical procedure to terminate the pregnancy but before that we must be sure about the location of the fetus." Next, she removed her IUD and asked her to go for another ultrasound.

What happened after that really drained her emotionally if not so much physically. She again went for an ultrasound (which lasted longer than the last one) and the doctor performing ultrasound finally rang up the gynaecologist to discuss something. Priti tried to follow what was being talked about. Ultrasound doctor, "The fetus is not in the uterus. It is attached to the walls of the left ovary." 
Ultrasound doctor, "No, it is not inside the ovary." (may be Priti's doctor has asked if it is so?) 
The ultrasound doctor tried to calm her down and told her that it is not something very serious but this kind of pregnancy can't be brought to term as in these cases the fetus attaches itself somewhere outside the uterus and thus can't grow. For the safety of the mother, it has to be terminated as soon as possible. Though Priti anyhow was not interested in continuing with the pregnancy but this situations was really gruesome for her and her husband. she added, "I am sure you will respond well to the injection and there won't be any need of the surgical procedure."
They again went to the doctor the same day and showed her the reports. Meanwhile she asked Priti to get Hcg blood teast done to be double sure about the pregnancy. Next,Priti was given a certain injection to terminate the pregnancy. The doctor really helped her understand that ectopic pregnancies are not usual but then can happen to anyone. Also, there is no certain cause for it. So, basically she was supportive and maintained that this process could be long but that it was the only procedure to terminate such pregnancy. Thankfully, after few days of getting the injection, Priti started to bleed which the doctor said are the symptoms of the beginning of the pregnancy termination. She had to go for weekly HCG blood test to see if the pregnancy hormone was consistently coming down and she was supposed to do it till it shows negative in the report. After a process of almost three weeks, finally the blood test report read NEGATIVE. At that time it was the most positive word that Priti and her husband have heard in the past three weeks. 
P.S. There are tough times and sometimes the situations that we face happen even after we have taken the utmost care. The key is to stay strong and to share what you feel.  

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