Yes, you help me learn.. So what you are a kid!!!!
|   Sep 05, 2016
Yes, you help me learn.. So what you are a kid!!!!

I often feel perplexed at the sheer energy young kids have. They are a bundle of so much capacities hidden in them just waiting to show up as the seed awaits to come to life given the right conditions. By the side of my son, I have learnt so much and so unexpectedly that makes me feel thankful to him. Young children are like that, just be with them and that's often enough. Everything else just flows in. 

It's with him that I feel the excitement of watching a snail (with frequent rains in Delhi) on the path and looking at him with wonders in the eye. He is ever ready to try. And I let him. He chases the dragonfly and I soak in the wonderful moments. We swing together and I do try to be a part of what he is doing. Just yesterday, he told me he wanted to heat up iron to see what happens. He told me 'unhe lohar kahta hai, na .. jo lohe se kuchch banate hai. Mein bhi banauga.' I have also learnt not to turn down his queries just because at times we don't know or the questions are unconventional. Rather, we must look at the possibility of a new learning. So, me and him took a cycle spoke that his father had brought for him to make a toy vehicle and we heated it over gas burner (of course, I can't arrange for a bigger flame source, so even gas burner was good enough for this exploration). I was there with him and we observed till the time one end of the rod became red-hot (it appeared orange in colour though!!) Then, he put the heated end in a bowl of water and loved that whistling sound. Next, I told him 'jab loha bahut garam ho jata hai, tab usee hathode se pitkar shape dete hai'. Now he was like, so give the mortar to me, I want to give it shape. He tried to do that but the spoke didn't really flatten. My hypothesis proved wrong but it is the experience that matters. So, this way I re-look and retest many of the so called FACTS that I know. 

I particularly don't like drawing because I think it is very difficult to give shape to things on paper. However, when I see him drawing and the way he has gradually developed it, I often wonder how exactly he has perceived that and have drawn it on paper. Here, I want to share that how important it is not to give the so called drawing files to the children which have outlined pictures of birds, fruits, animals etc. for children to colour. we never gave it to him (with an exception of one or two which were given to him as gifts). It really hampers their visual imagination and doesn't let them depict the reality as it is perceived by them. I often wonder why an apple is always coloured red (deep red) when we have other variants of golden apple, green apple. Moreover, an apple is not red all over (Just observe the outer part!!!). Similarly, why a crow is coloured all black (until it's a raven)? where is the grey neck. These points have occurred to me when I worked as a teacher but they occur to me all the more now when I am raising my son. So, basically, engaging with my little kid I have realised that you have to give them space to grow and this way you also grow as a parent.
Yes, he has helps me learn a lot. By connecting with him, I connect with my deeper self.

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