The pleasures of first’s
|   Jul 29, 2016
The pleasures of first’s

The pleasure of exploring everything she could lay her hand on had resulted in ‘the world is science ‘for my two year old baby. She is my little Einstein passionately curious about everything. Her expression of three new found senses is extraordinary




To define more, her first understanding of touch is quite a memory for me; I remember the first night we spent together on one bed after I returned home post her birth. She cuddled up to me at midnight near my stomach as she must be during pregnancy. I felt like a responsible Mom and tried to make her relax by pulling her close. That night was special.

As she grew her explorations increased to touching everything: Milk bottle was her favourite game, she loved to spill milk on the table and then spread it with her tiny palm to feel the wet liquid feeling, running her finger in Ketchup, touching my nose with her fingers, caressing my tummy with her lips, mashing banana between her hand, feeling the pulp of mango on her face and what not, the latest being -feeling the raindrops on her face on her way to preschool…mommies please feel free to add more 

The taste buds had also started developing by then and hence the series of licking and eating started. She tasted everything she found around- food, clothes, furniture and not to miss ‘Chilly’. Lemon and tomatoes being her favourite still, she would bite in raw potatoes, carrots and everything her hands reached on to the pantry. The taste buds crave for more so she also licks me to taste her yummy mummy; paper was the new found love for her chewing skills.

The moment the tiny hands got the power of grip and strength to pick, they were ready to throw now. So now the new world of science includes banging things to hear the sound, Throw whatever she can lay her hand on to see how far it goes or if it bounce back like the ball. She ensured she tore all the books which she got as gifts in expectations that the pictures might come out to play with her, pull out stuffs from her playhouse bag and administer in haste.

Looking at her I realized the awesomeness of firsts is quite amazing. The surprise element in touch, tasting or throw to see what will happen is extraordinary for the child.

I know I get crazy to clear that mess that is created around, but I so enjoy these firsts of my baby as if it is my first too. I am reborn as a mother to explore everything from the toddler’s perspective.

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