What is it being a working Mom!
|   Jan 21, 2016
What is it being a working Mom!

I was a working Mom when my child was born, and more than that I was self-employed...so essentially I was working physically before child birth. I was working mentally even when I was hospitalized for the baby birth and during my maternity leave. Well why I stress on working mentally is because when you have your own work you are somewhere married to the thought of growing your company big and big and hence I was working always. Not that I was not enjoying my pregnancy or any other event following it.However, I was working all the while.

Once I was ready physically to join my work, here comes the Nanny in picture the most indispensable one who takes up the duty of cleaning feeding and playing with the child...so I was left to adore my child once home, my child too was happy to expect me at home every evening and rejoice once I reached home.

All this was working fine till one day the worst nightmare comes true, ouch...the maid left the job. Somehow for the father work is work and the child is the child, I mean he manages both. Work and come back home and play with the child. Play with the Child in the morning and then go to work again.But the same was not applicable to me the working mom. I was awake the whole night since the child would be restless, get up in morning ready the child, ready breakfast, feed him and then pack your lunch, pack food for child, while grabbing something to eat and behold...baby is dirty again, so clean again, clean the house again and then rush to work, while thinking all the while if the baby will be okay. Then comes a point when even that is not working so leave all and stay at home till you get help from some new Nanny, Even thinking of it and typing it is tiring me. I miss a lot of things in all this, get annoyed, feel wired, miss work, miss independence and on and on and on.

But what do I gain, hmm now that will be a doting Mom talking..I capture my baby in the camera in her different moods, she keeps on playing and then suddenly looks back, to check if Mamma has vanished from behind and on finding me admiring her sitting there, gives that most charismatic smile, hugs me and goes back to play.She kisses me million times a day for no reason.she tries to impress me with her peek a boo. She starts babbling a lot of things which I don't understand but she is talking to me nevertheless.

Ah Mom.....this journey is so magical, I fail to understand what to do but all the while I rejoice.

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