|   Jun 10, 2016

Have you ever wondered why a particular person behaves in a certain way when the whole world is enjoying? Why a person withdraws from socializing? Why there is a lot of stress and dissatisfaction everywhere even if the pockets are full of money? Detached families, broken or fragile relationships, hyperactive or quiet children and more are the side effects of STRESS. We are a caught in a catapult of life.

There may be many reasons for stress that a person goes through. This can be classified as Emotional, social, economic, environmental and nutritional.

 In my opinion a larger part of the well-being of a person depends on upbringing, so the emotional factors start right from the childhood. On the basis of my observations, stress and many such things related to stress happen when a person is not raised properly. A neglected child will never feel confident and lack of confidence will lead to stress in whatever a child want to do. Similarly when we see a group of adults stress is a common and is spoken about very casually. The definition of stress is changed altogether. Bad relationships, peer pressure, a bad boss, family problems etc. are few emotional causes for stress. If a person is stressed and in bad emotional state he will not have a liking to be socially active. If a person socializes the society has its own benchmarks for acceptance. When we talk of social life the persons eligibility of social acceptance depends upon his looks, (read skin color when we are in India), bank balance, what he wears, where he lives, what he eats and ah also the holiday destination. I mean what is this dual realm, one way we talk of 21st century and acceptance and in other realm we are still not able to accept the person as he is.The society is to be blamed largely for all the stress. But wait what is a society, who has made the society, it is us. So this is vicious circle which is created by us and taking us for a ride. There are a lot of environmental factors contributing to stress these days. Reduction of forests and increase in pollution is hampering our health in many ways. When we are talking of stress how we can ignore nutrition, we are largely what we eat. People were healthier in olden days and very happy and content. This was because of the quality of the food, the quantity in which they had it and the way they had it. There are many of us who eat while watching television or looking at our favorite smart phone. We also have our working class who are constantly working even while eating. This is the exact reason where the stress gets a chance to enter our lives. And what are we giving to our younger generation, they simply lead by example. So food plays an important role in our life and please treat it with love. It is not a mere source to satiate your taste buds and to satisfy your hunger, but it is a vital part of living. Food when taken in a right way can be therapeutic. According to Ayurveda the nature of a person depends on type of food intake. The food that we have these days in more of pesticides and less of nutrition. Our increasing dependency on fast and junk food and the habit of blindly following the west can’t be a threat to a rich Indian culinary heritage. Think how we can make a simple meal loaded with nutrition.

To summarize our generation thinks a simple thing as easy as child’s homework to an important project in office as stress elevators. A few lifestyle changes and some points here may help all of us get rid of that monster called as stress. Learn to let go. It is as simple as it sounds, move on is the mantra. Set a routine or a timetable for you. This will cater to our stay at home moms, believe me this has also helped me. This largely reduces stress related t feeling of loneliness. Develop a hobby, this will help u channelize your energy in right way. Live life king /queen size, love yourself and give that much required me time to you. Learn to prioritize, everything including your relationships to your work to your exercise. Some part of physical activity is very essential for a healthy soul, indulge in some lonely time for yourself. Love yourself and the world will be a happier place to live in.

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