Time to think
|   Jun 06, 2016
Time to think

As a parent we are always concerned about the child's well-being. We constantly keep worrying about our child's studies, activities, moods, habits, and lastly food. We often see a group of parents complaining about a child's issues with not eating food, or if the child is eating, then there is issue with what the child is eating. We also see parents complaing about their child's certain way of behaviour which is not acceptable or a habit which the parents are worried about. We also see a child being happily labeled as an hyperactive and we also see a child being judged  and labeled as an introvert. But the underlying cause remains the same we all want to treat the symptoms and nobody is really interested in the root cause. 

When we analyse a child on parameters of what the child wants and Not on the basis of how a child reacts to particular situation, only then we will be able to analyze tge child correctly. 

Let's take an example, a toddler being accompanied by a parent to a shopping mall. The child is busy playing and running around till the parent is done with her shopping. Suddenly the child starts getting uncomfortable and starts throwing tantrums. People start giving you stares and we as parent on many occasion try to pacify the child. 

But do we really analyse why the child who was just happily playing a few minutes back is suddenly crying and throwing tantrums? Do we ever think the child must b really tired. No.

Let's take another example

We are home and drawing with the child. You ask your child to draw a house, the child draws a beautiful house. The parent sees the drawing and comments saying 'your house has no door'. But have we thought before commenting, that the child must be imaginative and must be thinking of a house with a slide on a rooftop. 

These and many such things happen on day to day basis and the child is being labeled for doing such a thing, or not achieving something or not winning some competition. 

How many of us are actually concerned about what is my child learning, is he getting the right nutrition,does he gets enough physical activity required and last but not least does my child get all the attention and love he deserves.

So time to wear thinking hats. 

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