My son is not abnormal but beyond normal!!
|   Jun 17, 2016
My son is not abnormal but beyond normal!!

Every day I wake up with a hope that today would be a new and exciting day with you! When I look into your eyes I forget all the challenges I go through in  raising you. Who does not wish for a healthy and sound baby? So wished I but perhaps my fate was written differently and what's called a nature's folly became a piece of gossip for others in my case.(Oh! her son is not normal,may be he has this or that etc) .Yet I do not curse it because when I see it through your eyes it seems so beautiful and surely because of you I could explore the other dimensions of life.

I know my son our life is little different from others- our day starts juggling between one therapists to other,some day it is for speech and other days are for over all development. The cacophony of vehicles make you perplexed and you cling into my arms as you usually get frightened with such loud noise while we pass through the busy traffic.You cannot talk unlike others all you can do is only mutter some times. When I give you food to eat your tiny fingers incoherently mess it up and spread it all over the floor. You can not manage to do things on your own unlike kids of your age. Some times I go haywire to make you convince for your unconventional tantrums and this is when your dad intervenes in between to manage the situation .I don't mind to admit that at times I get frustrated to the core and tired but then next moment I realize that your sufferings and struggle are much more in magnitude than I have. Your inability and helplessness to fix trivial things on your own make you disappointed several times. At least, I and your dad can express and vent out our feelings and frustration in words but you cannot. Most of the time you cry and only cry!

I know my child is different from others rather others are not like him!! This is because God has made him very special and precious for He wanted him to be unique amongst others.

I wish I could forever protect him in this beautiful but not so good world where people could be mean and mock him. I don't want people to show pity on him but accept him for what he is. So for those who think he is abnormal, I want to tell them that he is way beyond normal in my rating scale because his thoughts are not malice despite of all such hurdles he is a boy with compassion and empathy which is certainly evitable in his actions.

My dear son I want you to know that your momma and Papa are not ashamed of you because you are part of our soul and blood and nothing in the world is as precious as you and we shall always be there to protect you!

Epilogue - This is completely fictional and derived from my observations and real life stories from kith and kin. It made me to ponder when I being a mother of a child who can very well express his likes and dislikes ,wants and basic needs to me however on some days it gets so tough for me to manage him.I can not even imagine or fathom the struggle and pain of a mother with a differently-abled child. When people pass their comments about my child's color,nose,eyes etc. I really feel how disgraceful and ungrateful we become towards God's blessings.I am thankful that my kid can enjoy and see this beautiful world where as there are many less fortunate who are born with special needs!! So we must be watchful and sensible before passing any comments on any child because it does hurt!

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