Oh!God - Not again this time.
|   Feb 24, 2016
Oh!God - Not again this time.
Laying on the hospital bed,she was awakened by the mellowing sound of her baby. She opened her eyes and found a blue cradle besides her bed. Oh yes!it was a baby boy.For Noor, it was never a preference of boy over a girl or vice-versa. All she wanted was a sound and healthy baby.
After a hard long labour of 13hours,the baby was born out of emergency c-section,as the baby and the mother both were in distress. Though she wished it to be a normal one,nevertheless she thanked God for blessing her with the bundle of joy.
Looking at her baby ,she could not believe that she has finally delivered and how 9 months back she was terrified to even know that she was pregnant again!! Yes,she was so much scared that those two pink lines in the pregnancy test kit,seemed to her like another  nightmare. This was the third time she had conceived and if "it" happened again she would be broken completely.
For any woman who wants to be a mother, an abortion( medically terminated pregnancy) can leave a deep scar forever. Although she could overcome physically but the mental and emotional pain was still deep inside her. Yet another pregnancy news,was apparently  making her feel hell and nervous,"what if this was a foetus without a heart beat again ,or what if this was again a case of blighted ovum ".All sorts of negative thoughts surrounded and kept poking her day and night. She was so much devastated and felt miserable  with earlier abortions that she had started bullying herself ," Ah,You are an abortion Queen,let's see if destiny upholds you this time"! She prayed,prayed and prayed. Oh!God,please not again this time.
And the day came,when she had to go for her first scan to check the viability. The nervousness and the tension whether the foetus would be alive,was way more than waiting for any other exam! Achieving this milestone, (of conceiving with a live foetus) deemed to be vital for her than completing 9 months!! And suddenly, in between the scan she popped up," doc does the baby have a heart beat"!After a pause,came the reply, "yes,it does"! As if the tears waited to hear that yes and started to roll down over her cheeks. Her husband could see a sigh of relief in her face. 

Suddenly, the door opened and the nurse came inside,and told," feeding time Noor". And handed over the baby to her, this was first time ,she took her baby into her arms,and kissed his forehead and silently thanked God for making her 'Ammi' ,a long awaited dream and giving her this beautiful moment to cherish forever!
(P.S-  This is not fiction, a real life event story. Every thing in life has a timing,if it happens it's good, if it doesn't happen it's better for you,because something best is yet to come in your life!!)

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