"That one night"- Did it change her life?
|   Dec 19, 2016
"That one night"- Did it change her life?

That night khushi stood still with her body drenched with sweat and her legs trembled with trepidation. She didn't know what was it but a feeling as disgusted and nasty it could be. She was 8 then and what just happened jolted her soul. She ran to her mom in the middle of the night and told her that she would want to sleep next to her and then laid down clinging to her tightly.That night she couldn't sleep out of fear.When next morning she got ready for school her mom asked ,"beta what happened, you don't seem to be fine ? "Kya bura sapna dekha tha" ? And she said nothing. He was in front of her eyes without a slight inkling of contrition for what he had done, rather it was khushi who was frightened to look into his eyes! She left for school and prayed he should leave before she returns home.She was toiling hard to concentrate in the class; the last night's episode wouldn't let her do so! It kept reeling over and over again. She was silent and didn't speak to any of her friends that day.

When she came back the first thing she asked ,"mummy, wo bhaiya chale gaye na"?(mummy, he left no?) On hearing that he had left ,she curled into her mom's arm and narrated how he tried to touch her inappropriately while she was asleep. She told her everything; how he slide his hands into her pant that's when she felt something eerie and woke up in shock ,hastily put his hands off and ran towards her mom's room only to find it was latched from inside. Her mom was dumbstruck and got furious at the connivance of that fellow; and his audacity to sneak into her room and commit an act as heinous as this.She regretted for having let khushi sleep in her room alone. She held khushi tightly,caressed her and told ,"ma, I would have thrashed him out of the house at night,had you been able to speak to me that time "? (I wish khushi had that courage to speak at the time when she approached her mom and I wish her mom could have probed her when she found her uneasy that morning!)

But her mom believed her daughter that she can never lie on the subject as sensitive as this! She trusted her baby wholeheartedly and promised her that he will have to pay for his wrong contention. These words brought a huge impact on little khushi who was at ease after revealing it to her mom.Her mother informed her dad who was posted in different city over the phone about the incident immediately after sending khushi to play with her brother.

The guy was a distant cousin who often used to visit their house so nobody thought he could have such bad intentions and could cross his limits when being guest at some one's house.( Upto 90% of child targets are abused by some one they know or trust.)

That one incident could have shattered khushi's hope for all time or could have changed her attitude towards men in general or could have compelled her to go into depression or anything could have happened. It was because of her mother and her trust, helped khushi to recuperate well and move on with life. .....................................................................

1) Trust your child first even when you have to confront the perpetrator because you know your child more than any xyz person. More over a child will never lie on such situations. Any type of change in behavior, could be an indication for child abuse. It must not be overlooked with regular mood swings.Instilling faith and confidence in the child is essential so that your child opens up to you first if faced by such circumstances.

2) Teaching your child about 'good' and 'bad' touch is very important as this would make him/her aware of other's intention .Also he/she would have the understanding of not doing the same with anyone else.

3) "Silence is virtue" but with kids it could be some warning. If your otherwise bubbly and chirpy child gets silent or retreats from speaking then it could be a signal for some thing unusual. Because every child is different and may not open up at first instance,taking the child into confidence could serve to be helpful.

"Be safe and alert and always pray for your child's safety"!...........…........................................................

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