The dreaded word FC!
|   Aug 09, 2016
The dreaded word FC!

Ever since I became a mother I have realised days are never same in my life. Some days would be easy and some would be too tough and unpredictable to manage especially when kids fall sick and that's when my patience is tested to its core.

The month of Ramzan 2016 marked the beginning of new things in my life.It was for the first time I was going to fast with my two toddlers.My elder one was suppose to step into nursery ,a new experience for him as well as mine.Precisely,a hectic and tedious month for me from all the angles.At the outset there were lots of apprehensions and anticipations but I believed God would help me providing strength and stamina to complete my obligation towards Him. And He did.

Everything was going fine until my younger one who is 1.3yrs caught cold during the last 10days and during that time my husband had to leave for an official tour to Kolkata for a week. I thought I would manage alone and if required I can call my brother who stays 15minutes away from my home. One evening the baby cried inconsolably so I took him to the doctor and he was advised antibiotic since he also had caught an ear infection. Until now he didn't have fever. But the same night ,he got fever which was 99 point something.I held him on my lap trying to rock and sooth him the whole night. In the meanwhile,I would have napped for an hour when I was awakened by two jerks (while the clock struck 6.00 in the morning) , and very next moment I found myself frantically yelling,"oh god! it's a fit, it's a fit"! "Please Allah help my child ,please help"! Immediately I took him out of the bed in my arms and laid him down on the floor.I didn't know what to do, I rinsed my hand in water and dabbed his head gently in an attempt to reduce the temperature.The intensity of the jerk got reduced and after few seconds it stopped on its own. Thankfully there was no discharge from the mouth but he got pale. My entire body was trembling with trepidation while I kept praying for it to stop!I must say it was darn scary and horrible to watch him in that state although it lasted for less than a minute those few seconds seemed never ending at the time. I wish no mother ever gets to see her child in such state. 

In no time my brother arrived and I called my doctor for further advice. He asked us to rush to hospital and follow the instructions of the duty doctor. We reached  and we were advised for an  admission so as to keep him under observation. My husband was expected to arrive the same evening and as my brother and his family were to leave for my native I could not afford to stay at hospital with two kids. So I chose to take necessary medication to be followed in later part of the day and left the hospital for my brother's house .

Well I have heard and read about Febrile convulsions earlier but to encounter it with your own child is something you least expect. This was unusual because I knew that kids get convulsion with high temperature that's above 102°F and that's why I didn't apprehend something of this sort in such a low temperature. When we later met doctors (Paediatric Neuro) to analyse and rule out our doubts, they have an opinion that  babies (at least 3-4%) do get seizures in low temperature as well in case they have a family history of febrile convulsions. Doctors say a seizure of few seconds or minutes will not damage a child's brain however to know the reason behind such episode is very important and we must not delay taking an advice for the same. Children between 6months to 6yrs of age are most likely to get febrile convulsions with high temperature so managing the temperature is very essential and a first step to avoid seizures.

As parents,one would never comprehend something of this sort for their child. But ignorance is always not a bliss! A situation like this would leave you panicked and frightened and eventually may impel doing things which may not be in favour of your child. You must not sprinkle or dab water on the head while the child is undergoing a convulsion.What I did was not advisable to do but at the spur of the moment I did that. The sole purpose of sharing this story is to help and provide guidance to mothers like me as a mother is the one who stays with the child for most part of the day.

Here are few points to manage the baby when it gets a febrile convulsions or seizures.I have referred to a book named ' Baby care - A handbook for mother's by Dr.S.S.Mohapatra(Retd. Consultant paediatrician with 4 decades of experience) for these points.

1. Stay calm and stay with the child.

2. Do not try to restrain the child by holding him/her. Remove sharp objects or furniture nearby because they may hurt the child during fits.Loosen the child's clothing and Do Not place anything in her mouth or sprinkle water on face.

3.Placing the child in her side with the head tilted slightly downwards to prevent choking of secretions.Shift to hospital keeping the child in similar position.

 Please note this write up is based on my experience and discussion with the doctors .So kindly take guidance of the medical practitioner for any help!

P.S- I would like to thank my doctor friend Priyanka who being in different city answered my call at such an hour when I really needed some words of consolation.And ofcourse my baby's doctor who attended my call and guided me for further course of action.God bless them.

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