#WomanInMe salutes a woman with substance
|   Mar 10, 2016
#WomanInMe salutes a woman with substance
She was never a choice of my mom,when mom came to know that my brother loved this girl. It was a love that blossomed during their  college days  and eventually ended up with a promise of lifetime.

The path they chose was not bed of roses,rather a one full of angst, resentment,speculation and what not. They had never thought that their one decision could leave them in a predicament.

Well,I am not here to tell a tale of their wedding ceremony or if the two families fought together to win over their respective egos ( no they didn't fight) or if our relatives stopped talking to us or if we had to face humiliation in the eyes of others . I am here to tell about a
'woman'- who made her journey from altogether a different culture and background,making it possible which seemed nearly impossible and proving others wrong and making them believe that she is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary genre of dedication,love and sacrifice for my family.

Being a woman myself,I can understand what it takes to come and accept something,which is dramatically opposite and different from your own culture and background. I can now imagine how alienated she would have felt for being into a family, where she could not  understand the intricacies of language  we spoke,where the eating habits were completely different and if some elders asked something to get she would get something else! She bore all humiliation and taunts all alone, for in our male dominated society a woman has to face more than a guy even if they are equally responsible for it.

#WomanInMe salutes her for the sacrifices she made,for her dedication towards my family, for being like a sister to me( I always wished I had a sister of my own),for undergoing so much of pain and humiliation but still keeping her head high.

#WomanInMe salutes her for going beyond her capacity to learn my culture and embracing a religion unknown to her with faith and sanctity.

#WomanInMe salutes her for taking care of my parents like her own, way better than me and my brothers.

#WomanInMe salutes her for tolerating and  fulfilling their tantrums in all aspects. 

#WomanInMe salutes her for raising two beautiful kids by imbibing good habits so that they become responsible human beings.

#WomanInMe salutes her for being so strong even after hearing the demise of her father after two years!

#WomanInMe salutes her for transforming herself from Daughter-in-law to a Daughter in true sense.

Thank you bhabhi from the core of my heart for always inspiring me and many from your act of kindness and love. Your are an epitome of patience,strength, endurance and ocean of love and care and in true sense a woman with substance!

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