Back To Basics
|   Sep 28, 2016
Back To Basics

When I say 'Back to Basics' I mean going back to our roots. No, No don't mistake me not promoting any brand. Have you ever thought why our nani's and dadi's wouldn't fall ill too often. Were we protected like we do with our kids? We have enjoyed mud, rain, sand, trees etc etc. The list is endless ..but we don't allow our children... Why?... because we are scared of endless visits to doctors, clinics and hospitals.

Even at the age of 80+ I feel my granny is more energetic than me or for that matter many women of my age ..I wonder how it happens?

Today if we look around we can easily find out kids with masks or thick glasses on their eyes.. sometimes really feel sorry for them ...NOW

Even if we take so much precautions we keep running to doctors and hospitals ...ever thought Why ??

Let's find out where we are lacking or lagging which are granny's use to do: ie when I say let's go back to basic

Let's chew 4/5 tulsi leaves on daily basis. Let's brush our teeth with charcoal, salt and amla. Let's treat common cold with Honey, Ginger juice and Black Pepper. Let's heal the small wounds with Turmeric. Let's start in taking Yellow Milk every night. Let's clean up our Copper vessels for storing drinking water. Let's treat the small stomach ailments with Black Salt and Ajwain. Let's protect our eyes with yellow fruits and vegetables: Carrots, Papaya. Let's protect our hair with Henna. Let's include the flavour of Chyavanprash in our diet.These are the tiny extracts from the oceans of our rich old heritage. Even if we can follow a drop it would be great.

May be we would feel it's a waste of time. May be we would not see the result as per our expectation. May be it will take a little more time to show out... but in corner of our heart we will feel that nothing artificial is going in our body. 'Mother Nature or any thing natural is always going to give us all it can and never take anything from us'.

Accepting and applying these few basic things, which is I am sure is available in each and every kitchen .. will do wonders in long run. By accommodating these basic things in our life we are procuring and securing our age old heritage which is vanishing in the name of development.

So let's try it out to help ourselves.

Go back to roots and stay healthy!

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