We Make Music And Music Makes Us
|   Oct 21, 2015
We Make Music And Music Makes Us

Hello everyone. I think you can make out what is it that I am going to talk about today...yes, its Music! Reflecting back on my earliest memories of some organized sounds and words, which everybody called poems or rhymes, it gives me a strange peace within. From the time I can remember my childhood, I have sweet memories of singing twinkle twinkle, ba-ba ba-ba black sheep, bandar mama, upar pankha chalta hai and the list is endless. Now that I am a mother myself, I feel very proud and connected when my daughter sings all these musical pieces.

So what is it about music and its connection with a human being? To me music is a language that helps me connect to myself. It gives me peace, joy and relaxation. When a baby is conceived, there is an instant connection between a mother and the baby. Mother's bodily rhythm and movements are the first set of sounds or actions that baby recognizes. And  when the child is born, these rhythms become a language of communication which we notice in "motherese" (mother's specific tone while interacting with child), lullabies, while putting baby to sleep, while playing etc. This explains an individual's most authentic and natural relationship with music.

So what is its significance? Like any other skill, music also plays an important role in physical, social, emotional and psychological development of children. From toddlers to adults, body movements coordinated along with music helps in refinement of motor skills. Music also addresses various other life skills like language usage,expression, control, confidence, problem solving, creativity and coordination. It acts as a great stress buster too. Thus it is very important to let the child feel the music for his or her holistic development. These days schools also provide ample opportunities for children who have an inclination towards it. There are many reality TV shows which acts as a great platform where children from all over the country can come and show their talent. In these shows many children who participate are trained in classical, western, contemporary and regional forms of music, whereas a large number of them are talented but without any formal training. So once selected these bright children are given chance to pursue their dream of becoming a singer. there is very beautiful movie called "The sound of Music". It revolves around how a governess of 7 children helps to them realise their love for music and further trains them to fulfil their dreams. The movie is available on You-tube also. Link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mzMhOXIKDg

Max life insurance i- genius has taken an initiative in this direction. They have launched a programme with USP of bringing out our best Young Singing Stars. Through the auditions children in 3 different age groups viz. primary (4-7yr), junior(8-11yr) and senior(12-15yr) category are selected. Then these kids are formally trained by very renowned musicians and singers of our country. At the end, although they choose young singers rank wise, but they believe that each child is blessed with certain unique qualities. These children get a lot of appreciation and recognition in the society. Many of them get chance to sing songs in films, functions, reality shows and some make their own albums too. 
So how do we find the singing sensation in our own homes? here are a few things that can be helpful. You can:
1.  keep your ears and eyes open to your child's musical preferences.
2. get them enrolled in classes where they can learn, practice and refine their talent, may be in school or in neighborhood
3. can help them in building their own musical resource corner at home. like arranging instruments, CDs, books.
4. give them live exposure according to their taste. like taking them to musical concerts, festivals or recitals.
5. be their partners, be their audience, be their mentor, motivator or even critique. this will help them to take the steps forward.
There can be other ways which you can think of, and can tailor make them according to yours' and child's suitability.
With just one click of mouse on the link http://www.igenius.org/YSS/, you can get detailed information about Max life insurance's i-genius Young Singing Stars (YSS)competition. The i-genius programme has so much more to offer. 
Although my daughter is still young, I would like to keep an eye on what this programme has to offer! so lets put some beats and melodious sounds in our lives by helping our children be bit more musical.

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