Moments of Motherhood
|   Mar 25, 2016
Moments of Motherhood

MOMMA the adorable word which brings immense smile in my face, retires my drowsiness, fosters my energy, excites me for the new day, arouses curiosity in me of new learnings, and makes me to feel proud of my importance for someone. Blessings of motherhood inexpressible and moments of childhood of your child is unforgettable and so pleasantly. Shortly my son will complete his 5 years of childhood. I remember the day when we came to know about Good News, tears of happiness had flew down in my husband’s eye, youngness had touched our parent’s life  but don’t know why I was so confused, so worry even scared also. I was thinking we planned little early, what will happen to my career, how I can handle a tiny creature. Today I give heartfelt thanks to my son he has erased all my negativities of having a kid. I want to share joy of my motherhood with you all with following golden moments

 * His first word of morning Momma and that five minutes hug makes me so energetic. Every morning eagerly I wait for that call.

 * The childish talk of my son I am not your friend, Katti, Bad Momma. In morning’s busy chores, when I shout on him to do brush properly, not to switch on TV, not to lie down in sofa, get ready soon for school, to have breakfast. I get very sweet feedback from my son. Really I act as rude momma sometimes to hear those sweet sentences from my son.

 * The teaching of those rhymes, numbers, alphabets, good/bad manners and colors by him to me after coming back from schools makes me so laugh. That teaching session of son is very fun full.

 * In little heart a big corner of politeness, kindness, innocence is there in him. When he sees some tears in my eyes for any reason he wipes it and tells me Momma don’t cry You are a good girl”.

 * His fighting with me for ice cream, chocolates rouses a child in me who doesn’t want to share for enjoying childish character of my kid.

 * Those pampering words Momma you are looking beautiful, Momma you cook tasty foods set me on top of the world. When I get ready in new dress or I take new hairstyle he comments me. When I cook his favorite food his appreciation takes me to air.

 * Recently his one demand made me to think twice, gave drops of liquid in my eyes, and forced me to be confessed. Two days back, he came to kitchen when I was busy in making breakfast and lunch, he hold my hand said that “Momma why you go to office please come to my school and you become MAM, I miss you so much in daycare”.

    I have just written some moments but definitely like me all parents have infinite memorable, enjoyable moments with their kids. Really with experience I am asking you to write at least one moment in comment box and feel your happiness, see your smile, enjoy your past/present moment of yours with your kid. You will feel good.

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