Satisfaction: Really Your Current Income Is Not Sufficient?
|   Nov 17, 2015
Satisfaction: Really Your Current Income Is Not Sufficient?

JOHAN (33) and GEET (31) belong to middle class family celebrating 6 years of togetherness on this November. Both are doing a review of their past 6 year’s life. These two characters just playing role in my story. 

    GEET was very happy when her first salary around 10000/- credited to her account. GEET was feeling like luckiest fellow of the world. But after receiving 6 months’ salary, she felt this salary is not sufficient for her, she deserves more. She switched to other company. Then her parents searched a guy with good earning and good family financial background. JOHAN and GEET both got married and fulfilled all their wishes which they dreamt for their marriage like heavy ghagra, matching jewelry, candid photo graphy, reception in reputed hotel with maharaja style menu, abroad honeymoon trip. Then they booked a fully furnished 2 BHK house with LCD TV, automatic washing machine, microwave, AC etc. So they both spent all their savings on these things. They both were very happy, they both were going to office by cab. Every weekend they were going out for lunch, dinner, movie in PVR, cinepolish, shopping, monthly once going for one day trip to resort or nearby place. Now they were feeling like at least they should have two wheeler so they bought a bike.

     On second year of their marriage they blessed with baby boy. GEET delivered her son in very high end hospital and spent 60000/- on hospital. They did lots of shopping for their new comer. They bought branded new dresses, pram, diapers, bed protector, bottle warmer, swing, high chair, bath tub, walker, multipurpose chair etc. GEET’s mother told her why you are spending too much on baby clothes and diapers. She brought GEET’s brother’s son’s pram, swing, walker, dress and some old cotton clothes cleaned nicely in Dettol to use as nappy and told GEET not to spend for these as it will be for some months only. But GEET told no she will not use all these as GEET wants to give best to her kid and felt like it will not be hygienic. Baby SONA brought happiness in their life.

    When they all three were going out in bike for entertainment, restaurant, hospital and waiting in any signal for green light , GEET and her husband were talking that now a car required for us as baby is also growing, traffic, climate, pollution were reasons. Next day itself applied for a car loan and bought a car. They became very happy. This time many of their friends were booking their own houses. Everybody told this is right time to buy own house as property rate is increasing day by day, we can live like king in our own house and so many things. After one or two months GEET and JOHAN too booked a flat. Hired professional interior designer to give nice look to their dream house. GEET’s husband switched company to withdraw a good package .By the time they got possession of flat SONA was ready for schooling. They were not ready to compromise for their kid’s school so they admitted him in a reputed international school. Now they are planning for upgrading car, child plan, health insurance, term plan, retirement plan, savings, saving for kid’s higher study and investment. Currently many EMI are running. Now GEET also planning to quit the job to take care of kid and SONA is now 4 and half years old so thinking to have second kid also. But so many commitments how can GEET quit the job? JOHAN has to suffer. Now she is searching for a flexible job. Their life is full busy, stress, sleepless night, health issues like acidity, gastric, migraine, back pain, staying at home on weekends and holidays to save money not much hang out. Again they are not satisfy not happy with lakhs figure in monthly income.

     So I am thinking why we are not HAPPY not SATISFY? Our parents were able to bring up 2-3 kids very easily. Without any loan they provided us good education also. They built own house at their 40s also. My father till now driving his first car. They have saving also. I found out some factors for that reason we are not happy: Fluctuating character, technology lover, lack of patient, love to achieve high in early age, ignoring health, family life when calculating deserve income, going behind latest features. Our satisfaction, happiness are in our hands only. Open your hands and hug your satisfaction and see reflection of happiness on your face.

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