Happy birthday mommy..never underestimate the power of homemaker moms 
|   Jun 23, 2017
Happy birthday mommy..never underestimate the power of homemaker moms 

Happy bday mommy :*Though women at home are not viewed as women at work, but let me tell you today : 1. I have seen you constantly #working, hustling, and wrapping up work faster (since the day I have opened my eyes). 2. It is a known fact that early risers are more #productive, you have always set a benchmark for us to be the early risers (though I and Dad are still opposite and bhaiya follows you :p ) 3. You're the reason behind why people appreciate my handwriting, because if you would not had put efforts in correcting me again & again, I would not have exactly similar like dad :) 4. When it comes to adopt technology, I think you are much faster than most of the present generation. Proud of you, that you keep inspiring us with your #Pinterest hacks. 5. I still don't know how much I spend over mobile internet but you're great to track how much GB you have spent and how much is still left and which internet pack would go best according to that. Amazing! 6. Recently, I have adopted #gardening and I guess that is also because I have seen you observing the sun and pampering the plants. 7. Since, I was always focused on studies, you never pressurized me to learn #cooking but at the same time you did want me to be capable enough to cook for myself and the family. And, now people appreciate my recipes ( which are exactly similar to yours). We should start something together. 8. Hmm and the most important - #clothing! Till class 10th, I remember we hardly bought any ready made dress for me, as you were my #designer. And, I used to roam like a doll and show-off like a princess because those attires couldn't be found anywhere else. Proud of you that you kept your zeal to do ultra-productive things and pivoted towards designing (since you couldn't do MBBS). It does inspire me that no matter what, one has always the capability to achieve things and one should always pursue the happiness at work. 9. I guess I pivoted towards writing and the credit goes to you because I remember you had said once, you had sent an article to a publication (some 30 years ago) and at that time since only postal services were operational, you forgot that you had submitted. And, one day you received an envelope with 100 INR in it for the featured article and words of appreciation. Mom, I just can't thank you enough! 10. Words will not be enough to appreciate the woman you are, but I think birthdays are the days where we need to express our heart out and I think this way I can make you feel special.  

PS : You'll get your surprise soon ;)

PPS : Thank you for being the person you are. Happy Birthday once again :) Love you loads! PPPS :To all, never underestimate the power of a common woman. Being a home maker, they do amazing things - making a house into a home, growing us, educating us, managing finances, managing savings, instilling ethics, adopting technologies and growing together with us. So, do acknowledge and appreciate the little things (which do have large impact) done by the women around you.

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