Why routines for kids are important 
|   Jun 19, 2017
Why routines for kids are important 

1382798068466063&id=100002076493348wewe were kids we knew nothing but our parents taught us. So, now as a parent its our responsibility to teach them about the importance of routine life, disciplines , manners and all. We should help children decide what is good for them. A new study finds that preschool- age children who didn’t have a set sleep and eating routine were more likely to be overweight by the time they become teens. Anyone who has ever been around children knows knows just how important it is to get them to stick to a certain daily regimen for the sake of healthy living {and sanity}. research shows that predictable, stable routines matter a lot. in the immediate context for children , routines are important because they provide a rhythm to the day and ensure that children are getting the attention, nutrition and rest that they need in order to thrive. According to Author ”Sarah Anderson” an epidemiologist at the ohio state university -“we found children who had inconsistent bedtimes were almost twice as likely to be obese by age 11 compared to the kids who had regular bedtimes. the habit of sitting down to an evening meal as a family has been tied to healthy eating habits and emotional benefits. “Regular bedtime imposes a consistent exposure to light and darkness which sustains a robust circadian rhythm ” , explains satchidanandan panda, a professor in the regulatory biology laboratory at the salk institute for biological studies. When a child knows what to expect, their life becomes more easy and comfortable and that makes sense. According to my own experiences:

  1. A routine helps child to understand what to expect.
  2. A routine provides a child a sense of security and confidence.
  3. A routine can allow our kids to take part in daily life activities and teaches them basic life skills.
  4. A routine for kids can help encourage their independence. Take a look at some our typical daily routines for kids in our home:
Morning routine : wake up, brush teeth, potty, have some juice or any drink, read newspaper, make breakfast , eat breakfast, getting dressed and out the door. IMG-20170615-WA0008

Happily going to school!

Naptime routine : make a lunch, eat lunch, play a little, have some rest and then read a book. IMG-20170616-WA0004

play time!


study time

Bedtime routine : Take a bath, wear comfortable night dress, brush teeth, potty, read a book and then bedtime.if we take a look at the routines that we set in place for the children, we can identify where they can start to take over a task on their own. you can have a clear idea about your child’s strengths and weakness and later you can work on that. Your child can become more sensible, responsible and smarter then before. Based on our routines for kids which i mentioned above children can take part in following areas: Get dressed by himself.

  • Brush his teeth.
  • wash hands before meals.
  • wash himself during bath.
  • can take water and snacks himself.
  • Go potty completely by himself.
Small steps like this help put the routine into use for encouraging a child’s independence. It may be frustrating to allow your child to mess up and take four times the amount of time to do a simple task than it would for you to just do it. Don’t be discouraged about having to carve out more time for your child to do things on their own. Eventually they will get used it it. everything takes time! after that you won’t need to be there to help them out….And after that you may be able to find more time in your morning by simply reorganizing your routine.

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