I am his wife not his maid
|   Jun 13, 2017
I am his wife not his maid

6 years back after completing my CA i decided to get married , and my parents started looking for a groom . They brought many profiles on my table like Doctor, MBA, CA  etc etc . All were well qualified and working in corporates but they were not open minded .

Unfortunately in our country we educate our son only for a job prospective but we do not educate them for his wife's point of view, vice versa is not true when it comes to a girl . A girl is supposed to be a good wife and a homemaker even if she if highly qualified . Same happened to me too . I did a hard work to get my Chartered accountancy degree , so how could i compromise with my career . I was rejected by many boys because i was told  them in our first meeting that i did not have any interest in cooking and kitchen was not my favorite subject .I also informed them that i could not leave my career ,it might possible that family responsibilities  would not be my first priority. Consequently no one was ready for a career oriented wife.

Time has passed , my father was tired of this searching job . He was retired  and wanted to get rid of his responsibility as soon as possible. After seeing him in miserable situation i decided to say yes for the next prospective groom.

Few days later we decided to meet one family , their son was working in nigeria and earning well. Venue was a mall in delhi  where we had to meet. He came with his parents and i were with my parents . This time i was in salwar suit not in jeans. After namaste to his family  and small introduction our family asked us to  talk to each other in private. So we went a little far from them and were walking in that mall. I was little nervous then all of a sudden one question came from his side , do you always wear salwar suit  ?i said ,not always but mostly, second question he asked which brand you wear? (i was confused what type of question he was asking there were so many brands) i replied with a smile  W , sabhyata and many more. Then he asked me to ask anything from him , i had no question in my mind so i didn't ask anything .   He said kanchan listen , you are a working girl and you can work as long as you want ,though i can take care of my family well. Your decisions will always be yours and i will always support you. Lastly he said that ,he is ok if his wife would not be a good cook because he is looking for a wife not a maid. I immediately decided to get married with him and never wanted him to loose. 

This year we are going to celebrate our  6th anniversary , i am a mom of 3 years old boy and i have taken only one break in my career that was a maternity leave break. Whatever he said he is sticked to that , I am his wife not his maid .

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