10 Awesome Ideas for Birthday Loot Bags
|   Mar 20, 2015
10 Awesome Ideas for Birthday Loot Bags

Loot bags, goodie bags, party bags, treat bags or favour bags – you can call them anything.  What really matters, is that these bags can add a zing to your child’s birthday party! The little guests expect a return gift to take home, but if they can get more than one, it is nothing short of a suprising indulgence for them.

Honestly, from what I have experienced so far, a loot bag filled with a mélange of tiny gifts and accessories can make children gush with excitement more than a single return gift. The fillers could be either theme based or mix and match for the party bag. The size of the loot bag determines the size of the fillers too.

Right from fancy stationery to home baked delicacies, here are some great loot bag ideas to choose from.

1. Fancy Stationery

Pencils with babushka toppers, Disney erasers, rocket shaped sharpeners,  glowing stickers,  scented notepads, glitter gel pens, Toy Story crayons, flamboyant tattoos, glitter glue sticks – there are so many delightful varieties available in the kids’ stationery range these days. There is no way children would resist a further addition to their stationery collection.

2. Stampers

Children love to dabble with self-inked stampers. These stamps double up as art & craft activity too. They are available online or at stationery shops in various fun impressions like smileys, paws, alphabets, fairies, Mickey Mouse etc. However, you can unleash your imagination and get them custom made according to the party theme.

3. Jewellery

Don’t think that only girls love jewellery! Hand over a pirate shaped ring or a Spiderman wrist band to the boys and watch how they will flaunt it with pride. If you wish to foster some creativity in the children, you can think about gifting them mini jewellery making kits. These kits contain beads, fabrics, glitter, craft glue and other trinkets and can help the kids make their own bracelet, neck pieces, hair clips, armlets or wrist bands.

4. Party Props

What is a party without some party props? Whistles, blowouts, hand clappers, maracas and pan pipes will set the party in melody. While eye masks, face masks, headbands, tiaras and caps will have the kids parading with joy. Needless to say, that these party props can get as fancy and cute as you want. In fact, ‘party prop making’ can be also be a fun activity to engage children and later, let them take home their handmade creations.

5. Bubble Bottles

There is nothing bubblier than blowing out the bubbles in the air. Nowadays, the classic bubble bottles have transformed into attractive cases to entice the children. There is a pen shaped bubble wand, geometric bubble wand, bumble bee bubble wand, bubble camera, bubble lolly, bubble tube, bubble necklace and what not!

6. Mini – figures & Finger Puppets

As they say, good things come in small packages. Lego, Barbie,  Disney, Fisher-Price, Playmobil and several other reputed toy brands sell these miniature figures, doll houses and animals. These figurines make superb table décor items for the children’s room. They can be even used as paperweights.  If your child has a creative streak, you can make various figurines from clay at home, paint them artistically and pop them into the party favour bags. Finger puppets, especially based on a jungle, family, princess or clown theme can bring out the story telling skills in the children.

7. Magnets, Keyrings  & Badges

Whether it is a toddler’s first ABCs or a preschooler trying to learn spellings, alphabet magnets can act more than ornamental fillers. You can also think about gifting a set of puzzle, tic tac toe, fruit or animal magnets. Badges and keyrings carrying animation characters, funky phrases or personality traits can too impress the younger ones. 

8. Bouncy Squeezy Toys

Give some classic action to the kids with a yo-yo, flashing spiky ball, squeezy jelly octopus, bouncy putty, metal slinky, bouncy putty, spinning tops, punchball balloons and the likes.

9. Culinary Delights

Fresh, aromatic and wholesome – homemade cookies or brownies make better filler options than the store bought sugar candies, lollipops and chocolates. If you are a home baker, perhaps you can think about giving a cookie making kit comprising cookie dough, cookie cutters, chocolate molds and an instruction leaflet to your pint sized invitees! 

10. A ‘Green’ Twist

Add a ‘green’ twist to the loot bag to encourage children connect with the Mother Nature. Perhaps, seeds and soil packets of easy to grow vegetables or flowers? A solar lamp, a potted herb plant or an eco-dough would make an equally nice green gift too.

A handmade paper or cloth bag, pinned with a personalized thank you note, could double or triple the fun for the birthday child as well as his or her friends. 


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