12 Must Read Books To Help You Through Your Pregnancy
|   Dec 31, 2014
12 Must Read Books To Help You Through Your Pregnancy

Where do you turn to when you need information? friends? family? online forums? Google?  books? Perhaps for most it’s a mix of all of these but if you enjoy turning the pages of a physical book then you will like this line up of the most interesting books that can be used as references through pregnancy and beyond. Enjoy browsing.



This book is not just for pregnant women. As the title states it’s for every woman. I remember chancing upon the book when I was a tween. I did not realise till many years later, that it had been strategically left within my grasp by my parents who hoped I would get a crash course about the ‘birds and the bees’ before the ‘chat’. The book is a brilliant guide for women of all ages as it covers all aspects of their bodies and health. There are medical and gynaecological facts as well as social aspects like wellbeing and sexuality. Written by Derek Llewellyn Jones, this book has many editions. Look for the latest revised and updated version. It is a must read for soon to be parents.

Pregnancy, Parenthood and Yoga


This book by the Yoga Institute Santacruz is ideal for those who want to read about yogic techniques that are simple, scientific and useful. Written by Hansa Jayadeva Yogendra and Armaiti N. Desai this book is not snazzy but is a store house of useful information if you want to do yoga through your pregnancy. You can read all about the yogic dos and don’ts regarding exercising during pregnancy and then go on to learning the pre-natal asanas that are all illustrated or accompanied by photographs depicting the correct way to do the pose. Breathing techniques, post-natal exercises, tips for breast feeding, weaning, bath time and a lot more are packed into this seventy three page book.

Dr. R. K. Anand’s Guide to Child Care


This book created for Indian parents is packed with useful, interesting information. It starts with steps to be taken by a woman when planning a pregnancy, explains the labour and delivery process and then goes onto how to manage the newborn. There are sections on nutrition, how to prevent accidents, importance of family holidays and also very useful chapters on home remedies, proper use of medicines, and first aid. Written by one of the country’s best paediatricians and an internationally known name on breastfeeding, this guide brings together knowledge of traditional Indian childrearing practices along with the latest medical developments in child care. 

I Am Pregnant, Not Terminally ill, You Idiot!


Lalita Iyer’s book is a fun but very real take on pregnancy from an Indian point of view. It’s honest, sarcastic and funny all rolled into one delightful, quick read. Filled with personal anecdotes as well as stories of other pregnant women this book will explain just what happens from the moment you announce your pregnancy to way beyond. She includes how folks react to hear the ‘news’, tips on how to get the perfect nanny, what exactly the pregnant woman goes through physically, about normal and caesarean deliveries, breastfeeding and lots more. This is a good book not just for soon to be parents but anyone who wants to know the real deal about pregnancy and childbirth.    

Your Pregnancy; Every Woman’s Guide


This guide is ideal for those who like straight, to the point explanations. It offers week by week steps, nutrition information, pre-natal tests and answers to all the questions related to pregnancy. The illustrations are helpful as is the detailed glossary. 

What to Expect When You’re Expecting


This book tends to be the first book that to be parents reach out for and the most gifted book as well. It’s no wonder that the book has been a New York Times best seller with over 14.5 million copies in print. The latest version features new sections like week by week foetal development, more details on the pre-conception period, and a chapter on being pregnant with more than one baby.  It also contains relevant information on lifestyle trends like tattooing, belly piercing, Botox and aromatherapy. This Bible for pregnant women and soon to be dads even covers practical pregnancy matters, and information on the physical, emotional, nutritional, and sexual aspects of pregnancy.

What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding


This is the father’s guide to having a baby and it is hilarious. It’s got everything a guy needs to know. The daddy-to-be will learn just how to care for his pregnant wife.  The book in addition to handy month by month tips includes what gifts you should never get your pregnant wife; tips on social media pregnancy etiquette; reasons why not to pick out maternity wear; what not to say during the three stages of labour; as well as the latest trends like gender reveal parties; baby name guide that has Twitter hash tags; and the debate about cloth diapers. For those who want to figure out how to maintain the work-life-wife balance, buy this book now.

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect and Communicate With Your Baby


You may have seen programs on television featuring Tracy Hogg. She’s the author of this book who takes readers through how to calm, connect and communicate with your baby. She offers programs that new parents can try with their baby that include EASY, and SLOW which deal with different aspects from feeding, self soothing, standing back, observing and much more. There are tips on how to change bad habits in three days and loads of anecdotes. While not all parents agree on her parenting styles, I found her book for toddlers to be most useful and so have included this book on this list. Ideally borrow the book from a friend or library, browse through and decide if her style suits your way of thinking.   

Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy by Mayo Clinic


This book comes with excellent reviews. It has been compiled by Mayo Clinic experts in obstetrics and offers practical information and reassurance. You can expect to have a month by month guide for foetus and mother; decision guides that help make informed choices on pre-natal testing, pain relief during child birth and more; a reference guide covering morning sickness, back pain, headaches etc; and information on pregnancy related health concerns. This book gives precise and accurate information. The book is loaded with information that is all well segmented into sections with clear table of contents at the start of each section.      

Belly Laughs


You will either love this book or hate it for being too offensive. Yes, it’s crude but funny too and it details all that most guide books won’t tell you in simple language. Jenny McCarthy was Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Year in 1994. Now her book Belly Laughs is a New York Times best seller. She talks about the gory details from constipation and flatulence to acne, weight gain, pubic hair growth, stretch marks, water retention and everything in between. The book is all about the author’s own stories and is a good one to read to know that you are not alone and even models go through the same kind of experiences, stretch marks and all.

The Mother of All Pregnancy Books


A book with a title like this requires a once over for sure. Written by Ann Douglas, this book is funny, entertaining and informative. It talks about conception, birth, pain relief during childbirth, episiotomy, circumcision and lots more. Well written text, charts and tables make all the information easy to follow. This one also covers infertility, high-risk pregnancy, miscarriage and infant loss. There even is a chapter dedicated to every ache, pain and medical issue related to pregnancy and how to deal with them. This is now being considered the new, revised Bible for expectant parents as it is an all-in-one volume.

The 100 Healthiest Foods to Eat During Pregnancy


This book knows more than your mother in law. Nutrition is a touchy topic; more so when it revolves around what is good for the pregnant woman. Most nutritional guidelines tend to be confusing, tedious and complicated. This book sets out to offer the latest nutritional research, debunks myths and provides a list of super foods that are good for the growing baby and for you. There are quick reference charts, fast facts and substitutes for foods that are often craved for during pregnancy. Written by Jonny Bowden and Allison Tannis, this well organised reference book has what you should be eating broken down by trimester and also enlists the ‘tricky’ foods. The authors also provide medical reasons for why you should eat what they suggest.

Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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