12 Places to Get Your Teen Out and About in Bangalore!
|   Apr 15, 2016
12 Places to Get Your Teen Out and About in Bangalore!

With the stress over exams finally fading, it time to explore the city with your kids. A few weeks back, we did a special on the top places to visit in Bangalore before your kid turns 12. This week we bring you list of top places to visit with your teenager... Read on to know more

Escape From A Mental Asylum At The Breakout

Location: Breakout, #27, NMR Building, 1st floor, Intermediate Ring Road, Opposite  HDFC Bank, Ejipura, 100 Feet Rd, Chandra Reddy Layout, S T Bed Layout, Koramangala

The Breakout brings to life the concept of escape room games, where your family can play as a team to  find clues, solve puzzles and complete your mission. There are multiple story lines to choose from. Game scenarios ranging from solving murder mysteries to sorting out secret service missions offer an opportunity for families to behave and work like their reel-life heroes. Teams have to leave their mobile behind and use their logic and problem solving skills in this immersive and challenging game experience.

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Try Sky Karting At SMAAASH

Location: 2nd Floor, 1 MG-Lido Mall, Trinity Circle, MG Road

SMAAASH is a new sports-centric immersive and interactive entertainment center offering a mix of active and passive entertainment, innovative games, interactive sports and socializing. Besides the regular games of bowling, virtual cricket, virtual roller coasters, flying stimulators, Smaaash also offers Sky Karting with India’s first multi-level Karting arena.

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Watch a 7D movie

Location: 7D Mastiii: Forum Value Mall, No.312, 3rd Floor, Forum Value Mall, Whitefield Main Road

Visit the house of the dead or take a trip to see the dinosaurs at the 7D Mastii movie theatre. A 7D movie is an unforgettable experience where instead of watching the movie, you are actually a part of it with 7 different special effects kicking in that make the movie experience even more “real” and exhilarating. The viewer sits on a specially designed seat and is provided with 3D glass. The seats are capable of having 3 degrees of freedom motion in sync with the on screen activity to make the viewers feel a part of the cinema. It also has wide variety of environmental effects including, smoke, fog, bubbles, wind and even some rain.

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Fly a Simulator at the HAL Aerospace museum

Location: HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum

HAL Heritage Center and Aerospace Museum, situated on the Airport Road in Bangalore, is the second largest public aviation museum in the country. It displays aircraft models, photographs, fighter planes, and helicopters.The Museum also houses a small souvenir shop that sells mementos, postcards and posters. You can also pilot a plane and engage in mock dogfights at the simulator machines at the museum.

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Admire the Swords  at Tipu Sultan's Palace

Location: KR Market

Take your history loving teenager on a lesson away from the textbooks. One of Bangalore’s busiest markets, the KR market, hides a surprise: an elegant palace

built by Tipu Sultan, with teak pillars and frescoes. Though incomparable to the more famous Tipu Sultan’s palace at Mysore, this is one of the relatively unknown monuments of Bangalore. There is a small museum inside, which has Tipu Sultan's biography details and also showcases a couple of his swords.

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Drool at the Bikes at the Legends Motorcycle Museum

Location: Legends Motorcycle Museum, Frazer Town

Have a teenager who loves bikes? Head to the Legends motorcycle museum at Frazer Town. An ode to vintage motorcycles, this innovative cafe displaying 20 plus vintage motorcycles is where bike lovers can meet, gaze at the motorcycles on display and enjoy some food.Enjoy the beat at a Community Drum Jam Session.

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Enjoy the beat at a Community Drum Jam Session

Location: Rangoli Metro Centre, MG Road

Once every month Drumjam holds sessions at the Bangalore Metro Rangoli Centre. At these sessions’ professional musicians play with regular Bangaloreans who just can't resist the beat. Even those who have never touched a drum join in – kids, senior citizens, housewives and IT professionals all hand-drumming in unison to a common beat.

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Go Mountain Climbing At Equilibrium Studio

Location: Equilibrium is a state of the art indoor climbing studio for kids and families to learn and practice bouldering. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced climber, this is a fun family bonding activity. There are certified instructors to assist you at all levels.

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Play Cricket in The Dark

Location: Dialogue In The Dark, Phoneix Market City, WhitefieldDialogue in the Dark is an internationally acclaimed unique exhibition experience that takes place in complete darkness.

Dialogue in the Dark is an internationally acclaimed unique exhibition experience that takes place in complete darkness. Dialogue in the Dark puts participants in everyday situations - like eating a meal, walking in the park or playing cricket but in complete darkness, awakening the senses, and deepening self awareness.

Guides take you through an unforgettable journey, opening you up to a completely new way of seeing the world with your touch, hearing and smell.

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Ride A Hot Air Balloon At The Jakkur Flying Club

Location: Jakkur Aerodrome, Deccan Aviation Entrance, Jakkur

AERO Adventures organises hot air balloon rides at the Jakkur Aerodrome. Open to families, this fun ride is organised early in the mornings and is on a first come-first serve basis. However, one must check with the organisers on the date before venturing out for ride, as these rides are organised on only a few days of the month.

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Enjoy A Chocolate factory tour

Location: 9, Jakkur Road, Jakkur

A fun way to spend a sunny afternoon is by taking a tour of the Jus Trufs Chocolate factory. The tour includes an audio-visual presentation on the history of cocoa and how it becomes chocolate. This is followed by a hands-on Belgian chocolate making session where participants are encouraged to make their own truffle.

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Play Bubble Soccer With Your Kids

Location: VPLAY, No.1, 1st Floor CT BED Extn Road, Banashankari 2nd Stage

Bubble Soccer is a wackier version of soccer that is currently played in many different countries of the world. This game will keep you bouncing in excitement. It’s about smashing into each other, bouncing and rolling in the grass / indoors, in inflatable zorb light balls. It’s a harmless sport with no room for injury or accidents.

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If you have any other suggestions, let us know at lakshmi.datta@mycity4kids.com.

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