14 Beautiful messages sent by Husbands to their wives on Wife Appreciation Day
|   Sep 21, 2015
14 Beautiful messages sent by Husbands to their wives on Wife Appreciation Day

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." ―Voltaire

Wife appreciation day! Oh yes, it is a day!! One day that reminds husbands and partners to show their significant other just how much she means to them!

Most often, we take each other for granted, so it becomes imperative to remind each other how much we value one another. In our busy daily lives, we never know what tomorrow will bring.

Dear Men, please remind that special lady in your life just how much you appreciate her.

You don’t need to spend an arm-and-a-leg to remind her how much you care. Just a little token of your appreciation will do! Surprise her!


Ladies, it's time to bring your 'Awwws' out! Scroll down to read how a few Husbands who went out of their way to tap their emotional side and gave City Editor Hyderabad, Sammy Sahni , various reasons that makes them appreciate their significant other. These are men from various cities in the country with only one emotion in common - Pure Love!


1.“She scores 10 on 10 for being a good mother and 20 on 10 for playing father for all those days when I am busy drowning in myself created idea of devotion to duty. I really don’t want to disturb the equilibrium.”

Abheet Batth, Husband to Sukhpreet Baath, Bangalore


2.  “Ok here goes... In the walk of fame of my life. You're the only superstar Archi! Thanks for being the best! Love you Archi!”


Jeet Patel, Husband to Archi Patel, Hyderabad.

3. “The one thing I really appreciate about my wife is her never dying trust for me. Be it as a pillion on my motorcycle or as my companion in life, she trusts me and my decisions always. And that's a big deal for me.

Ricken Desai, Husband to Sonal Desai, Hyderabad


4.  “My wife is a very committed parent and I really appreciate that about her and also that she is amused easily and loves a good laugh.”

 Ravindra Bhandari, Husband to Shailya Bhandari, Hyderabad


5.    “Always been a big superhero fan... Took me a while to realise that I ended up marrying one (my own personal super heroine).... I am pretty sure I don't say it enough but Deepali is a fantastic, patient, loving and unbelievably committed parent and a wonderful and loving life partner.... She is my rock of Gibraltar and her nature and demeanour have helped centre me and improve me, as a person.... At the risk of sounding super clichéd - she has made our house a home and she completes me ( okay that's 2 cliches rolled into one)”


Subram Kapoor, Husband to Deepali Kapoor, Hyderabad

6.      “She’s a god gift, painfully sweet, my third child and my family’s bond.”

 Mandeep Singh Dhingra,  husband to Nisha Dhingra, Hyderabad


7. “I really appreciate her compassionate and adaptable nature

 Rajiv Krishnamurthy, Husband to Priya Mohan Rajiv, Hyderabad


8.      “I'm surely not the best thing that’s happened to Seema....she has always given her 100% to give my family, our kids n ME. Her world revolves around us & i just wish i give her the most beautiful moments in life. For sure our choices don’t match, I say it all the time and yet don’t adjust to her suggestions...as she always says ... I’m her first spoilt kid...this just keeps giving me a stronger belief that ... yes....Opposites attract best...love you Seema.”

Neeraj Nagpal, Husband to Seema Nagpal, Mumbai

 9.      Today’s wife appreciation day. My wife Neelu is Amazing. She is the face of the house, the negotiator, the bargain queen. The boss at work too. She is a chief justice and always has a final word. She is a wonderful wife a very caring mother and a darling of her grand children. You are the best!”

 Deepak Mehta, Husband to Neelu Mehta, Hyderabad


10. “I appreciate her quality of managing family, kids and business with patience. She is the most beautiful person of my life. The happiness she deserves is looooong due on me. I owe her more than what I have in my life....  I wish the wait for the right time is over soon... love her not just through words but from my heart... she may find it funny but it’s true.


Thanks for letting me say this.”

Gurneet Singh, Husband to Sudeep Kaur, Amritsar


11.“The best quality I like about My Wife is that she has given me space to pursue my desires and has enriched my spiritual growth with her acceptance. I appreciate her for giving me a wonderful gift of understanding because of which she has made my Journey on Earth called LIFE...a very smooth n happy one. She is truly my soulmate.”

Aseem Shukla, Husband to Aparna Shukla, Hyderabad


12. “I love her optimism and happy go lucky positive nature!”


 Prateek Mehta, Husband to Rachna Mehta, Hyderabad


13. "I believe every man is blessed with two lives, one from his natural mother and then the new life with wife. It's always difficult to choose between the two. But my wife makes it simple and makes it worth living. My woman of substance, my life, my wife. I salute you.”

 Kapil S Katara, Husband to Divya Katara, Hyderabad


14.  The cherry on the cake – Comments from The founder and director of Just4kids Pvt. Ltd.

“I think if you asked my wife, she would say I don't appreciate her for anything, but I do for lots of things, albeit silently (which I know is not good enough) :-) One of them is her innate ability to go out of her way to make every occasion, with family or friends, a memorable one. An example of this is my 40th last year - she planned a surprise holiday in Goa with the entire family - my parents, in-laws, sisters, brothers-in-law, nephews and nieces, sister-in-law and the 2 boys. It was awesome as everyone who mattered most to me were together and Sonia orchestrated it without me knowing.

 Vishal Gupta, Husband to Sonia Gupta, Gurgaon


The names of the couples are mentioned below their comments and pictures.


If you are getting inspired, then we have a whole list to help you celebrate Wife Appreciation Day:


~ You can never go wrong with Chocolate!


~Easy! Clean the house.


~Give her a gift card for a free massage or spa treatment.


~Take care of the kids and give her a day off!


~Another thing you can’t go wrong with – Flowers!


~Cook a romantic dinner for her. Don’t forget the dessert! (Or take her to her favourite restaurant)


~Have a movie night! Pick up a few of her favourite movies, a bottle of wine and some sweet treats to eat and cuddle up!


~Wash or get her car all ‘juiced up’ for her.


~Write her a heartfelt poem or letter. (Take inspiration from above)


~Put together a collage or album of photographs of all those special moments.


~Plan a weekend getaway! No kids allowed!


~ Lastly, have some fun and renew your wedding vows.


We, solemnly PROMISE to follow up this article with one on Husband Appreciation Day!

Till then, enjoy the Love.

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