22 Signs That You Are A Bangalore Mom
|   Apr 10, 2015
22 Signs That You Are A Bangalore Mom

Tall, slim, plump, short - Moms from Bangalore come in all shapes and sixes. But there are some common experiences that bind us all together.  Read on to discover the 22 signs you’re a Bangalore Mom and then let us know in the comment section below which signs you identify with most!


1) You child has attended every season of Rhythm and Rhyme since they were 6 months old.

2) Mums of Bangalore on Facebook is your parenting guide-book, one that you have to refer to every single night, where mothers you have never ever met, seem like soul sisters.


3) Between attending playdates and birthday parties, your child’s social calendar is busier than yours.


4) Not only have you taken your daughter to get her hair done, but have gotten her a kiddie spa and facial.

5) You carry an extra sweater, a hat and even an umbrella in your car at all times, to prepare for the unexpected Bangalore weather.

6) You must make a trip to City Market before planning a birthday party.

7) You have been to Mysore zoo so many times, that you know all the animals with their names.

8) Hide and Peek, Funky Monkey, Gambolla, PlayGym and other indoor places are like a second home to your little one.


9) The folks at Atta Galatta, Kutoohala, Light Room, recognize your voice every time you call to make a registration.


10) Your weekend pub visits are replaced by weekend story telling workshops at MG Road.

11) You cannot plan a family outing without referring to the Top Picks from Mycity4kids.

12) Your kid can recognize IT company offices, faster than an city monument.

13) It is an unsaid policy that the maid will accompany mothers for every kiddie birthday party.

14) You don’t blink when you see your two year old’s school yearly fees which could have put you through your entire MBA course.

15) Vidyasagar, Aditi Mallaya, NAFL, Headstart are not just names of schools but the subject of many a dreams and nightmares during the admission season.


16) You have a checklist for all the times you have to stand in the line at 4.00 am to collect admission forms.

17) At sometime in life, you have bribed your kids with a visit to Sapphires or Corner House.

18) Some of your best family memories are at WonderLa.

19) Organic is no longer associated with Chemistry, but it is a must-have tag when you shop for your family - from milk, eggs, vegetable to even Holi colors and Diwali crackers.


20) You have your very own auto drivers number stored in your phone to chauffeur the kids to school or drive you around the city.

21) Your neighbors may be strangers, but you recognise every kid down the street, including knowing what they like and which school they go to.

22) You have smiled reading all of the above statements.


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