27-Year-Old World Traveler Assures Mother He's Safe With "Mom, I'm Fine" Signboard
|   Jun 22, 2017
27-Year-Old World Traveler Assures Mother He's Safe With "Mom, I'm Fine" Signboard

As moms, we’re always worried about what our kids are up to, however old they get. This is repeated generation after generation, and I’m sure our mothers are as worried about us as we are about our kids!

But one world traveller, Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez, from Brussels, has found an intelligent yet quirky way to ease his mother’s concerns, using the power of social media.

Jonathan travels the world over, visits exotic locations, does adventure sports like skydiving for fun, interacts with sloths & alligators and then takes various photos of himself, holding up a sign that reads “Mom I’m fine.”

The message is usually on a sign board, but is also sometime creatively scrawled across his palms, carved onto a rock, etc. In all his pictures, it seems like he is amusingly yet sometimes frighteningly reassuring his mom that he’s fine!

Jonathan echoes the sentiments of kids everywhere when he says “Whatever your age is, if you have a latin mom and a passion for adventure, you will have to find a way to tell her that you are fine. This is my way!” on Instagram.

This idea came about when Jonathan decided to quit his job and travel the world last year. He didn’t anticipate that in some places, it may be hard to check in with his mom. His first stop was Cuba, where he ran into some difficulties. He decided to give a positive message and show his mom that the world is a beautiful place and that he was fine.

Just like that, an Instagram account was born. “Mom I’m Fine” lets his mom know exactly where he is — and that he’s doing just fine. And now, a year later, he has 238k people following his travels — and check-ins with his mom.

Quiñonez updates the account when he travels to different locations. In the last year, he’s posted 80 photos, each one better, more adventurous and more prettier than the last.

All of us at mycity4kids feel that this mom is so lucky she has a son checking in, and easing her mom-mind every time he travels!

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Picture Courtesy: instagram/momimfine

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