4 Cooking Parties That Your Child Would Love to Host
|   Feb 17, 2015
4 Cooking Parties That Your Child Would Love to Host

Can a few tablespoons of ingredients and a dash of creativity whisked together make your child’s birthday party or play date hot and happening? You bet, it will! ‘Kids’ Cooking Party’ is the latest trend doing the rounds on the children’s party circuit these days in Pune.  

In this hands – on experiential non-cliché party, children can cook and devour their own culinary creations, amidst the truckloads of fun and a little of squashy messiness. Right from baking pizzas to crafting chocolate pops, a cooking party would definitely stir the senses of your child and his friends. 

To help you organize these cooking parties, we have rounded up a list of professionals, who can make the day memorable for the little chefs.


Kitchen Confidence by Girija Kirpekar – Naik


A professional kitchen in a homely ambience – that is what best portrays Girija’s gastronomical studio. Whether you are looking for a personalized cooking workshop or a full fledged birthday party, there can’t be a more perfect venue. Girija caters to four age groups: 5-8 years, 9-12 years, 13-16 years and above 16 years. Girija fondly describes her studio, ”It is like an opulent canvas, on which children have an absolute liberty to paint with the myriad colours and textures of food.” Parents can drop their kids at her studio for a cooking party, which usually lasts for about 3 hours. Children spend the first 1.5 hours at their pint sized work stations doing kitchen experiments; getting  tips on health & nutrition; and learning the table etiquettes. The next 1.5 hours are thrown open to children to enjoy games, dance to Zumba beats and relish the birthday special menu. Children then leave with a return gift, usually a food related memorabilia such as a wooden spoon, chocochips etc. Girija can also provide the personalized aprons and caps for the children, if parents can accommodate in their budget.Contact: +91 91680 70077


Art of Making Chocolates by Kashish Mulchandani


What better indulgence for the munchkins than to dip their hands in the gooey, creamy layers of chocolates? Kashish makes the children’s chocolaty dreams come true through her ‘Fun and Learning’ workshops. She teaches them to make cake pops & chocolate bars and decorate cupcakes. All she needs is some space, an oven and a refrigerator to get started. Kashish can either put up a chocolate making counter at the party venue or conduct a personalized workshop, depending on your requirement. To ensure that every creation gets its due credit, Kashish tags each chocolate making plate or tray with the child’s name. If your budget permits, you can also request Kashish to prepare exquisite goody bags as the return gifts. In a recent winter birthday bash, the children were delighted to build a snowman from the dough at Kashish’s counter. “We always come up with unusual party ideas and creative activities,” says Kashish. Contact + 91 97651 27864.


Lovetoeat by Priyanka Rai Singh


Last Christmas, Priyanka’s gingerbread house party was a super hit among both the children and parents. Her creative cooking workshops are a rage too at the children’s birthday bashes. “Our expertise lies in kid-friendly, healthy gourmet sweets and savouries,” says Priyanka. She can accommodate up to 12 children at her house for a party or indulge them at your preferred venue. A neat space to host the workshop and an electric plug point suffices Priyanka’s requirements and she is ready to roll. She brings everything, including a microwave, to the venue! Her wonder box of ingredients and cute kitchen accessories are enough to set the budding chefs in motion. Priyanka can also help you to whip up lip smacking return gifts.


MyKittchen by Suruchi Jhunjhunwala


If your children loved Suruchi’s kid-friendly Mahashivratri recipes, then they should look forward to her cooking parties too. “Right from party decor to scrumptious menu and party games to  party favours, I ensure a wonderful time for the little epicureans,” explains Suruchi when asked what makes her parties tick. Her forte lies in eggless and sugarfree 3D cakes.


Happy Cooking!

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