5 summer camps with a difference
|   Apr 15, 2015
5 summer camps with a difference

At this time of the year, every parent is looking for a summer camp for their child. We bring you five summer camps which are different and have the potential to unleash your child's capabilities beyond measure.

You can contact the concerned organizer by clicking on the hyperlinks (blue words) to enrol your child.

Deep Sea Adventure  

Locality:  Andaman Islands

Date: 16th to 22nd May

Age group: 13 years to 16 years

Inme’s challenge camps involve their participants moving on a daily basis setting up camp every day. Each child carries his or her own resources, helps manage the camp and shares camp chores. The Deep Sea Adventure is ideal for adventure lovers who are also water babies. On the itinerary are SCUBA diving, snorkelling and sea kayaking. The SCUBA course conducted at Havelock Island will certify successful participants as SSI intermediate divers. There will also be sightseeing opportunities with highlights being the sound and light show at the Port Blair central jail, visit to the anthropology museum, Elephant Beach and Chidiya Tapu. To enrol for this adventure, participants should be able to swim comfortably.

Farm off the Grid  

Locality:  A pristine location near the Goa / Karnataka border about 2.5 hours East of Panjim.

Date: 20th to 26th April and 1st to 6th May

Age group: 8 years to 15 years

Farm off the Grid is a home stay experience in the Western Ghats, ‘deep in a jungle, down by the stream, hidden from the world.’ The summer camp at farm will incorporate activities related to performing arts, papier mache art, pottery as well as outdoor adventure like swimming and trekking in the morning and afternoon sessions. The evenings will be spent watching slide shows, sharing jokes and talents around the fire. The children will also be encouraged to get into the kitchen to help with baking and pizza making.  

Balavihar summer camp  

Locality:  Chinmaya Vibhooti, Kolwan, off Mumbai Pune Expressway

Date: 30th April to 3rd May

Age group: Open to children 2 years to 12 years

The annual Balavihar summer camp by Chinmaya Mission Mumbai is based on chapter 3 of the Bhagavad Geeta, Karma Yoga. The theme is Geeta for Children and the camp is open to parents/grandparents as well since there are special sessions planned for the adults. The camp will teach participants creative techniques to develop concentration; how to set and achieve great goals; all about selfless and value-based behaviour; how to make work enjoyable; games, activities, songs, music and cultural programs. There will also be interactive sessions on Karma Yoga for children and on the dynamics of Karma for parents. 

Frolic Boonies nature camp for kids

Locality:  Mudumalai and Wyanad / Coorg

Date: Mudumalai 26th April to 1st May and 5th May to 19th May; Wyanad / Coorg 12th to 15th May

Age group: 8 years to 18 years for Mudumalai and 10 years to 18 years for Wyanad / Coorg

Fun and learning go hand in hand at these nature camps. Children can explore nature and experience adventure. Participants will stay in bamboo huts or tents; enjoy the scents and sounds of the jungle; learn to track animals by their footprints; observe birds and animals; trek through forests; examine insects and plants; make fridge magnets; collect fire wood for a camp fire; cook a meal; experience star gazing; interact with other children and exchange stories; play games like wheel of fortune and a whole lot more.

Hilly Treat @ Koyna  

Locality:  Campsite near Koyna Dam

Date: 23rd to 28th April, 6th to 11th May and 25th to 30th May

Age group: 8 years to 14 years 

The summer camp by Kshitij to their campsite near the picturesque Koyna Dam promises to be exciting and full of adventure. Children can participate in adventure sports such as Flying Fox, River Crossing, Commando Bridge, pistol and rifle shooting, night safari, cave rock climbing and many more. The camp site offers views of the Koyna River, backwaters and the Shivsagar Lake.

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