6 Quick and Easy Ways to get Featured on our Social Media Pages
|   Oct 16, 2015
6 Quick and Easy Ways to get Featured on our Social Media Pages

Some of you have repeatedly asked us how to get your blog posts featured on our social media pages because that is sure to boost the page views to your article. So here are the insider tips:

1. Topicality – I did mention this in the earlier mailer and here is how Prachi implemented it perfectly. We were all devastated with the news of a 4yr little girl getting raped. Prachi wrote about it within a few hours of hearing the news, mentioned the incident and what we could do about it. 

This is the screenshot of the post on our Facebook page within two hours of publishing. A 111 shares which grew to 176 without any additional promotion by us.
2. Post Error free Content - Check line spacing or any other formatting issues like text going out of the framework or bullets appearing randomly in the article. If these persist, post the content on a notepad and then copy & paste it from there on to your blog. This is an important one to correct MOST issues regarding your blog post.
3. Post Images – Article image and author image are fairly important in getting your posts published. A profile picture also helps us ‘welcome’ you on twitter and post your picture on our timeline in case you win a contest or are a part of Top Parenting Articles.
4. Activate your Social Media Handles – Get yourself a Twitter handle. You can follow me for additional blogging tips. You can tweet your blog posts as well as the others that you like. We are slowly developing a small community like SwatiNamrataKanika and many others have done. They create ‘conversations’ on twitter and spread the word about each other’s posts too.
5. Title – We already spoke about the importance of a sensational title in my last mailer. Here I want to emphasise on the same and let you know NOT to edit it after it has gained views. We could be promoting the article anytime and the change in the title, makes the previous URL or link invalid leading to ‘Page Not Found” and hence no readership to your post.
6. Branded content - You may have seen many of our bloggers post articles on #KhuljayeBachpan & #Pureit and these are featured on all our social media pages constantly. These are sponsored posts and have been offered to a 100 bloggers as of today. Ranging from writing one article to a dozen over the course of a year, these can be offered to you. In other words, you will actually be renumerated for some of your articles posted at mycity4kids.com. These are extended to our bloggers over and above their personal posts. The criteria of choosing bloggers for a specific brand content creation highly depends on the brief that the brand conveys to us but here is what you can do to make yourself visible to us and the brand:
  • Frequency – An active blog definitely catches one’s eye
  • Loyality – A blogger dedicated to mycity4kids.com for posting their articles gets us talking about him/her more
  • Rank – This is based on the number of articles you post plus the number of views per article. So if you’ve taken care of the 1st, get cracking on the second and write well. Refer to our previous mailer for what constitutes a good blog post.
So if you want to write for the likes of KelloggsAmazonHULAvivaMax LifeP & G, get blogging now.
If you have not already done so, create your blog here, share memories/anecdotes/tales through text and/or images.

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