Delhi Bound by Naomi Hattaway, a book review
|   Dec 03, 2011
Delhi Bound by Naomi Hattaway, a book review

It may sound like just another guide to Delhi – what to do, where to go, tips for children; but Delhi Bound rises well above all other such books simply because it is a children’s guide to Delhi that children can read themselves! 

This is the book I would have liked to have when working on a show-and-tell project on Delhi with my seven year old.  With a generous sprinkling of large and small sized photographs and illustrations, the book makes an inviting read for children.  The text is minimal and simple enough for young readers.  As the author points out, the child does not even have to be a reader to enjoy the book as the photographs are enough to “do the talking!”

Delhi Bound, though not comprehensive in its coverage of Delhi, contains an overview of what seem to be the author’s own (and her family’s) favourite places in the city.  For every destination, there is basic information about ticketing and toilet access but what makes it more interesting are the icons that indicate if it is a picnic worthy site.  Some places are also marked with a special surprise icon that gives ideas for things to do at that location.  You can also sense the mother’s perspective here, as the author suggests some fun diversions for children, to spice up what may otherwise become a mundane sightseeing tour.

There are maps for every section, derived from Eicher Maps and simplified tremendously for the sake of young readers.  Rendered more as illustrations, these maps are fun for kids as they try and match icons of various locations and trace their way from one place to another.   Hattaway’s interesting tips also liven up the reading, whether it is practical advice such as taking a trolley in the Delhi Zoo or something as basic as looking up in Humayun’s Tomb, lest you miss the stonework on the ceilings. 

Delhi Bound is the motivation we needed to get out and explore the treasures of the city.  Take Naomi Hattaway’s suggestion and use the book “as a checklist to see the top sights around town.” Enjoy Delhi!!

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