Abracadabra! Top Magicians In Mumbai
|   Mar 15, 2016
Abracadabra! Top Magicians In Mumbai

“Mumbai is home to about 3000 magicians,” says Martin D’Souza, West Asia Director, World Clown Association. D’Souza who has been in the entertainment business since 1990, is better known as Flubber The Clown. His entertainment company Mad Hatters features entertainers like clowns, dancers, jugglers, acrobats, and magicians. D’Souza shared a few very important tips for parents who are keen to have a magician as entertainment for a child’s birthday party:

· Understand the profile of your child and of his or her friends. Are they boisterous? Are they very active? Are they intellectually aggressive?

· Children 10+ years have seen loads of magic shows live and online. They need to experience close up magic. They will not be happy to watch a stage show. Understand that magicians who do close up magic are more expensive with acts that challenge a child.

· Children 3 to 5 years enjoy the conjuring tricks.

· Magic shows need to be devised for the event based on the profile of the audience, budget available and the requirements of the parents.

· Magic shows can be just one element of a party in which case conjuring tricks may work just fine or could even be the highlight of the event. At a recent Superhero birthday party for a seven year old, the magician made the birthday boy appear out of thin air.

· Based on the type of magic required, the duration of the show could be half an hour or even an hour and a half. For illusion magic, even two tricks in twenty minutes would be enough to wow the audience.    

Invariably party organisers are the ones who are contacted when magicians are required. While this may be the most convenient way to organise talent, it is up to the parent to check who the magician is, ask for a profile of his work, explain the profile of the audience and state a clear brief and budget.

If you are organising a party yourself and prefer contacting a magician directly, this list will help get you started:

Magician Atul


Magician Atul has been in the magic business for over two decades and specialises in close up magic, stage shows and illusion. He has won several awards, trophies and prizes in the field of magic and in addition to performing at private parties has also performed for corporate events. Magician Atul has appeared in TV serials and advertisements and has also been Magic Director for movies, plays and dramas. Watch his videos here. For further information call 9820140903.

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Magician Jatin


Comedy magic show is what magician Jatin is well known for. His magic is said to be ‘Great entertainment for the entire family.’ Jatin has performed in India and abroad. He performs illusions, levitation, stage shows and close up magic. Magician Jatin’s shows are in Hindi and Gujarati.

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Magician Dharmesh Pande


Dharmesh is best known for his Magic Mr. Bean Style. Magician Dharmesh is the son of senior magician Deepak Pande who is the Vice President of Society of Indian Magicians. While Deepak Pande only performs at corporate and celebrity events, Dharmesh who has been studying magic from the age of 12 can be contacted for birthday parties. His act is said to be filled with humour and involves comical facial expressions, gestures, body language and dance. Dharmesh has performed for television and also at a Bollywood Awards event. 

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Magician Shirish


Magician Shirish aims to entertain his audience. He has been performing magic since 1999. In addition to winning several prizes and awards in the field he has also appeared on television shows. Magician Shirish specialises in illusion and his act does not involve any animals. You can view his videos here.

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Magician Pravin Tulpule

Lt. Cdr (retd) Pravin Tulpule is better known by his professional name, Foolingyou, the only ‘ISO’ clown. His most popular show is the Fun-da-Mental Show and his act includes clowning, comedy, close up and conjuring magic. He has several incarnations that he can take on for shows such as Foolingyou the clown, Happy Toybanker, Prof. Dumbledorf, Santa Claus, Batman, Mysto Pinto the corporate entertainer, Madari the street magician and Pinto Baba the spiritual fraud buster. Magician Pravin Tulpule speaks English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati but believes his eyes and face do most of the job. 

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Magician Yogesh Sonawane

Hailing from a family of magicians, Yogesh Sonawane specialises in a 30 minute animal magic act for birthday parties. Having learnt the tricks from his father who has been in the business for the last thirty years, magician Yogesh’s act is suitable for all ages. 

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Magician Pravin Kumar


Magician Pravin has performed at events and parties for celebrities across the city. He has also featured on television shows. His acts include conjuring and costumes that have the young ones captivated. 

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Magician Sagar Patel

Magician Sagar Patel has honed his skills as a magician over the last 15 years. Patel has been featured on television shows and has performed at several corporate events, product launches, and private parties. Magician Sagar in addition to performing illusions, stage magic and close up magic is also a ventriloquist. His team of characters include Jaggu the monkey, Funny the parrot, Bunny the rabbit and his dolls Charam, Raju and Chatur.

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