Are we starving our children?- Part 3
Are we starving our children?- Part 3

In my last 2 blogs I have discussed NUTRITION, at mind and body. In continuation of nutrition, what’s the more important aspect we parents tend to miss out in nurture of our kids? Well, we miss out on spiritual growth! Generally our kids are very smart and they will know in details about robotics or space science and digital gadgets but ever wondered who will carry our rich heritage?

Since ancient times India, had an amazing system of education, called GURUKUL, where kids entered at an age of 8-9 years and stayed in the natural surrounding and studied whatever suited their mind or in today’s terms aptitude. Wait a minute does it sound familiar? Yes, it does. There are a lot of alternative schools which are working on these concepts nowadays, most unfortunately none are Indian.

Well, coming back to the topic in hand, when kids choose their topics and study, their stress reduces by half isn’t it? Of course I know we can’t change the education system overnight and cant suddenly choose the unconventional way.

Okay, so what can we do? We can adapt certain basic concepts from ancient Indian education system e.g. chanting mantras. Now you thought, what’s the use of chanting mantras which you can’t understand? Let me tell you friends, chanting difficult passages with very difficult pronunciations, improve child’s speech, concentration power and memory. Cause as many brain cells are activated that much sharp the child’s skills will be.

Another advantage and the most crucial one of chanting shlokas is the child’s mind remains free of thoughts for the period of chanting which is like the superior level of meditation and this improves focus of the child. So even though one doesn’t understand Sanskrit, can start chanting and be benefitted with so many advantages.

Another aspect in bringing spirituality is to share age appropriate ancient stories with children. Stories in general are very beneficial as

  • Stories can help children to deal with the problems and fears that they face in everyday life.  
  • Stories help to develop children’s imaginations.    
  • Story time can be a special caring time with parents that children will remember all their lives.

Along with all the above general benefits of stories, the spiritual stories will built up their moral values, that too in a subtle manner. It will help in preparing a morally strong next generation of India.

So friends, to sum up my trilogy of articles on NUTRITION, here I would urge parents to feed their kids with:

  • The micronutrients for Body, namely vitamins and minerals.     
  • The micronutrient for Mind, namely love and care.       
  • The micronutrient for Soul, namely spirituality.

Just concentrate on this and we will have the most beautiful new generation of India, let’s play our part in the Nation Building!!!

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