Are you monsoon ready?
|   Aug 05, 2014
Are you monsoon ready?

The arrival of the monsoons in Mumbai is a topic that garners tremendous traction starting end May. The magical rain arrival day is guesstimated by varied groups from laypeople to the professionals. Will it? Won’t it? Will it be enough? Are the lakes overflowing? Will there be a water cut? Cloud seeding? So many questions based on the all important manna from heaven. Another question that accompanies the start of the season is ‘Where’s all the rain wear?’ While adults can pull out umbrellas, rain coats, windcheaters, rain shoes; kids outgrow their sizes so quick that the only option is to head out to the stores. When you are out rain wear shopping you may as well take in the latest trends to hit the stores for adults as well.

Trends to look out for this season include:

  • Bright coloured umbrellas and rain coats in either bold colours or graphic printed ones. Vintage designs are popular with the adults and action heroes, super heroes, character designs are a hit with the baccha brigade. Rain coats come in varied styles with the most practical for kids being the ones with additional material near the back so as to easily cover the school bag. Ponchos work really well covering everything but are not readily available this season. You can however get a special cover just for the bag. For adult sizes you could consider a trench coat and don’t forget to check out the designer umbrellas.
  • Gumboots are now available in every colour, shade, hue and print.  
  • Flip flops or chappals in fluorescent colours, glittery material and interesting designs have invaded the stores. How practical they are and how comfortable to walk around mucky streets in, is another question all together.
  • When in doubt about the comfort factor of rain shoes just head to a Crocs store. They have a wide range of sizes, colours, and shapes and are durable, and comfortable. 
  • Over sized transparent handbags are cool for the young adult.
  • Ideally stick to shorts or capris in dark colours when heading out on a very wet day and opt for clothes in cotton or synthetic fabric as they dry quickly. 

 Your own personal favourite city shopping haunt will definitely stock most of what has been listed but we all enjoy sharing shopping tips so here’s where you can definitely find cool monsoon gear:

ü  Shoe street, Linking Road, Bandra
ü  Roopak, Hill Road Bandra for umbrellas and raincoats for children and adults. If you are looking for a two-fold umbrella that fits into the school bag neatly, ask at this store. I found a really cool Kart Riders printed one here. 
ü  La Judi and Pink Paisley on Hill Road, Bandra for gum boots and flip flops in sizes starting 10+ years.
ü  John’s umbrellas are good quality and until now could be found at a store at Cochin airport and at stores around Kerala. Now you can buy them online.
ü  Lokhandwala Market
ü  Colaba Causeway
ü  Rain jackets for kids
ü  Designer printed umbrellas
ü  Kids flip flop online
ü  Alfa lane, Irla and Irla Market
ü  Transparent bags online
ü  Ponchos for backpacks

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