Baby Abandoned At Railway Station Is Surrounded By Stray Dogs. What Happens Next Will Shock You
|   Jul 28, 2017
Baby Abandoned At Railway Station Is Surrounded By Stray Dogs. What Happens Next Will Shock You

On a hot summer day, with the sun blazing down, a six-month-old baby was abandoned on the ground in the busy waiting area of Howrah station in Kolkata. A half-filled bottle of milk, along with a half-open bag with diapers lay beside her. She bawled occasionally, but fell quiet after a bout of crying. Hundreds of people passed her by, a ignoring her cries. However a handful of dogs, permanent fixtures at the station hovered around the baby. And while one might think that the dogs were there to harm the infant, the stray pack formed a protective circle around the child to keep her safe. The dogs even refused to venture too far in search for food and never let the baby alone.

Soon, the peak-hour footfall ebbed and as the station emptied out towards night, a RPF personnel finally noticed the dogs surrounding the infant lying on the ground. And for a while, no human approached the baby. This when the RPF personnel alerted higher officials who came and got the infant. 

The rescued baby was later shifted her to hospital for medical examination and handed over to the members of Childline.  According to the police this case was not of a child trafficking but a well-planned move to abandon the infant girl.

This heart-warming tale once again proves that a dog is in fact a man’s best friend. In a similar incident, in 2016 in Purulia district, Bengal, four stray dogs sat around a seven-day old baby which was found in a dumpster. Chasing away the crows the dogs stood guard around the baby until someone came to rescue her

According to animal behaviour experts, dogs often tend to react to babies the way they would to pups. They sniff their mouths and bottoms, often nudge them to see if they are healthy - like they usually do with puppies. Often they won't easily leave the side of the baby because their protective instincts kick in.

Cover Picture Courtesy: Indian Express

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