Balloons And Streamers And Khoi Bags, Oh My! Where To Buy Birthday Party Decor In Mumbai
|   Apr 20, 2016
Balloons And Streamers And Khoi Bags, Oh My! Where To Buy Birthday Party Decor In Mumbai

With birthday party themes getting more and more elaborate every year a parent’s dilemma pre kiddie birthday invariably ends up being, “What should we do?” followed quickly by, “Décor and supplies from where?” If you are hiring a party planner, then that’s your one stop shop for every requirement. However, if you are working on elements yourself, then this post will guide you with information about the most popular stores for party décor and supplies as also with the scoop on how to take on a party shopping spree at the city’s best and only bargain shopping destination.

Party Hunterz

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Locality: Bandra, Powai, Chembur (authorised retailer), Navi Mumbai

Party Hunterz is the go-to shop for all theme based supplies. They offer products for baby showers, pre wedding parties, festivals and holidays, birthdays, loads of theme based products, costumes, glow and LED elements, party accessories, and lots more.

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Locality: Bandra, Matunga, Lokhandwala, Pedder Road

For everything under one roof, Madcaps is where you should head to. Theme based supplies, decorations, all kinds of balloons, photo booth props, costumes, festive elements and more are what this store is known for.

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Mota’s Party Kingdom

Locality: Hill Road, Bandra

This store has a range of items for parties including glow and LED products, return gift options, gift bags, and basic decor.

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Happy People


Alishka Varde Singh is a party stylist with a passion for DIY décor. If what you are looking for is customised, fun, colourful, playful themed party elements ranging from invitations to return presents then you should call Happy People.

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Something Special

Locality: Hill Road, Bandra

This store stocks a good range of party décor at the far end right corner. You need to browse and hope to find what you require but if you are not too fixed on a particular look then you could get a good amount of basic party décor here. They also stock an amazing range of materials for DIY projects. Most designers, crafters and seamstresses enjoy buying lace, buttons, sequins and other gems from this shop.

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Locality: Bandra

Sparkle is a treasure trove of amazing horrid supplies ideal for a spooky theme or Halloween party. Every type of mask in all possible materials with hair and without can be found here. The owner Raju Punjabi knows his house of horrors inside out and can guide you in selecting the perfect items. Young kids may get the jitters from just being in this store as it is dimly lit with all sorts of fake bats, snakes and bits of human anatomy as part of the display décor. They also stock non spooky party elements like glow items, streamers, candles, banners, caps, spray cans and balloons.

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Saheli The Party & Gift Shop

Locality: Andheri West

Saheli offers party supplies, return presents, theme party props, décor and accessories, games and toys. If you know what you want you can also avail of their free home delivery service across Mumbai.

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Party supplies at unbelievable rates – in and around Crawford Market 

Living in Mumbai we have all heard someone say at some point or the other, “You bought this in Bandra! You should have gone to Crawford Market; it’s half the rate there.” And you wonder, “Crawford Market? Where? How? Where should I start? Half the rate? Really?”

It’s true. Decorations, balloons, tricks, cutlery, crockery, gifts and favours; you can get all that and more at a fraction of the cost you would pay to buy exactly the same products from your neighbourhood party store. What’s more? If you are good at bargaining you really can get away with exceptional deals.

The Party Shop

When you see the famous Badshah restaurant, look to the left of it for the narrow entrance way and steps that will take you to The Party Shop on the first floor. This store has almost everything you will need nicely displayed in an air conditioned large-ish room (by Crawford standards anyway). Here the shopping experience is better than on the streets but the rates are not marked down too far.

Sona Novelty and Kolaba Toys

Stores like Sona Novelty and Kolaba Toys at the head of the Abdul Rehman Street are your next best bet. They stock exciting things like kitchen sets, dolls, cars, remote controlled vehicles, gel pens, rubber animals, stationery and lots more. You can almost finish your return gift buying right here. You will also see plenty of stalls on the road that offers a mixed variety of party supplies.

Store on Suthar Chawl lane

Keep an eye out for Suthar Chawl which is the name of a road (the third left from the start of Abdul Rehman Street). This is where you will find the main decor shops that stock balloons, buntings, party caps, hats, paper plates, napkins, glasses and more. These stores are also the ones that feature beautiful seasonal festive décor.  

Paramount Papers and Honesty

Also at Suthar Chawl are two fantastic stores where you can find wrapping paper, pretty drawstring gift bags, boxes and paper bags at unmatched rates. You might have to fight your way into Paramount Papers and Honesty.

How to scout around the Crawford Market area like a pro

The wonderful savings come at a price. You need to be prepared to spend a day in town browsing through toy shops located on crowded streets. This is no walk in the park. If you decide to brave the dust, grime, heat and packed milieu then read on for tips that will save you time and energy.   

· Wear sensible, comfortable, walking shoes. Stay hydrated.

· Leave the kids at home. Take public transport or make sure you have a driver as parking is next to impossible.

· For a better range of products you need to go into the bigger stores. Most have a clear notice on the door that says, “Only Shop Owners Allowed. No Shoes Inside.” This is because most stores only sell in bulk. However some of these shops like Neelkanth don’t mind you coming in if you are looking for even say 20 or 30 pieces of each item.

· Look out for the stationery stores from where you can pick up Blue Tac, double sided tape, scotch tape and other party and general home-use knick knacks.

· Almost every product is marked down but if you are buying in large numbers and enjoy a good session of bargaining try your luck and you might get lucky with super deals.  

· Carry a large haversack to dump your shopping into else you might end up with too many small, often heavy bags that will hinder further browsing and make for easy to lose parcels.

· At the main central Crawford Market (that’s the covered old building with a clock tower opposite Badshah) you will find all types of dry fruits, decor, grocery, fruit, imported juices, chocolates and more. Here you will find the thaila wallas or porters with large round baskets who may be employed to carry around your wares. They stay with you for the entire shopping duration. I’ve never heard of any thaila walla scooting off with the loot.

· If you are a novice to the area, avoid heading here a week before any big festival. The trading frenzy is at its peak and the shop owners are less inclined to deal with small orders.  

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