Beat the exam stress with these super Meditation Camps for the kids
|   Sep 21, 2015
 Beat the exam stress with these super Meditation Camps for the kids

It is that time of the year again when the exams are looming over the skyline. Our kids have started preparing, making their study schedules, going through a lot of references, buying brand new pens and pencils and doing a lot of revising. The heat of the summer, allied with the forthcoming examination stress, has made life similar to living in a pressure cooker for kids. They are not able to shake off that little voice that keeps wobbling in their heads, infusing some kind of performance and result stress. As parents, we know that exam stress can have detrimental side effects including the inability to concentrate, headaches, disturbed sleep, stomach aches and loss of appetite. We certainly do not have a magic wand to do away with the exams but there are many ways in which we can help them manage this stress. One of the ways to de-stress them is to aid them with mind space through Meditation.

Meditation is one of the best ways to look at stress from a different perceptive and also one of the best ways to take a break from stress. Practicing meditation can help your kids to stay focused which in turn will improve their mental and physical strength and reduce the pre-exam stress.

Vipassana Sadhana Sansthan has been offering meditation courses for children and teenagers. Vipassana Meditation is taught by Rev. Shri S.N. Goenkaji in the tradition of Late Sayagyi U Ba Khin. Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation. It was taught in India more than 2600 years ago as a universal remedy for all ills. They have world-wide centres. The course offered for children and teens is called Anapana Meditation.

Anapana meditation is the observation of our natural breath as we breathe in and out. This meditation keeps the mind happy, calm and also improves concentration.

How can our mind improve? How can we keep focused? How does Anapana help our kids? For more information, click here.

Children's courses are held at Vipassana Centers all over India.


Courses will be held every month at various locations in the city as per the schedule given below:

Course Days & Venues:

Days of course



Registration Nos.

First Sunday of every Month


KG Vira Gujarati School, Near Municipal School, Dombivali (East)

+91 99303 01594


AmulakhAmirchand High School, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Near SNDT College, King's Circle, Matunga (CR)

+91 98201 50336
+91 98922 18186


703 -A Block /1405, Gokul Nagar, Behind Netaji School, Near Mahesh Granite

+91 99707 55130
+91 89762 25967

Second Sunday of every Month


Meditation Hall, Mayfair Meridian, Ceaser Road, Off S.V. Road, Amboli, Near St. Blaise Church, Andheri (West)

+91 99674 80865
+91 99678 13469


Navi Mumbai MahanagarPalika School, Sector 5, Sanpada

+91 77386 49821

Third Sunday of every Month


SNDT School, New Building, Cama Lane, Opp. Vidyut Society, Ghatkopar (West)

(022) 2501 1096
(022) 2516 2505.

Fourth Sunday of every Month


Saraswati School, Sector 5, Airoli

+91 98923 29410

The following centre holds monthly courses. Please call in advance to know the dates.


Vipassana Counselling & Research Centre, Siddharth Municipal General Hospital, Goregaon (West)

(022) 2624 2025
+91 98690 23884



One-Day Children Meditation Courses are held on the Second Saturday of Each Month at: 

Location - Bhogal Centre (Delhi): Vipassana Sadhana Sthal, 12, Bhogal Road, New Delhi 110014 (near Central Bank of India)

Age: 8 to 18 years, 

Time: 9am to 2 pm (Please Bring Tiffin)

Contact: 9871686333


Location - Gurgaon Centre: House No 23, Sector 23,Gurgaon (about 1 km from Rotary Public School)

Age: 8 to 18 years 

Time: 8am to 2 pm (Lunch will be provided)

Contact: 8800310848

For more details, click here.


Ahmedabad –

Location – DhammaPitha , Ranoda village, 35km from Amdavad and 3m before  the town of Dholka

Course – A 10 day course is scheduled for every month

For more details, click here.


DhammaPunna, meaning the Land to Accrue Merits, was established in the year 2000. The centre spreads over 3 acres of land and can accommodate 50 male and 40 female students. Every month there are 10 day courses, 3 day courses and 1 day courses for old students and children. One-day residential courses for children are conducted at DhammaPunnaVipassana Meditation Centre.

Location -DhammaPuṇṇa, Dadawadi, opp. Nehru Stadium, Near Anand Mangal Karyalaya 
Pune 411 002

Age – 9-18 years

Dates – 4thoct/1st Nov/ 6th Dec 2015

Time – 8.30am

Contact - (+91) 20-24468903 

For more details, click here.


Hyderabad –

Location - DhammaKhetta, Vipassana International Meditation Centre, 
12.6km Ibrahim-patnam Road,
Gurramguda Bus Stop,
Hyderabad, Telangana-500 070

Two courses are conducted every month, starting on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday except when there are long courses of 30 and 45 days. A children’s course is conducted on the Sunday on which the course ends – twice a month. There are many buses from the city which can take one to the centre. The centre is 1km away from the main road, which leads to Nagarjuna Sagar. The airport is 34 km away and the various train stations in Hyderabad are between 20 and 22 km away.

For more details, click here.


Location - DhammaPaphulla, Vipassana Meditation Center,
Alur Village, Near Alur Panchayat office, Off Tumkur Road, Dasanapura,
Bangalore North Taluka, Karnataka-562123

Date – 25thoct 2015

Age – 8 to 18 years

Time – 9.30 to 3.30pm

For more details, click here.


Chennai –

Location - Vipassana Meditation Centre,
533 Pazhanthandalam Road,
(Via Thiruneermalai),
Chennai - 600 044.

Age – 8 to 18 years

Dates – 4thoct/ 1st Nov/ 6th Dec 2015

There is a 7-day Vipassana course is for Teenagers [15 years (completed) to 19 years]. 

For more details, click here.



Location - Calcutta Vipassana Centre - Dhamma Ganga
Bara MandirGhat; Harishchandra Dutta Road; Panihati (Sodepur)
Dt. 24 Parganas; West Bengal 743 176; 

Age – 8 to 18 years

Dates – 27th Sep/ 25th Oct/ 29th Nov/ 27th Dec

Time – 9.30 -3.30pm

For more details, click here. 

General stress busting tips for all kids during exams – Believe in yourself and do not keep things bottled up. Stress can be handled in two ways – either you use it to drive yourself towards success or allow it to be the reason for your downfall.

Choose a path that could help our kids overcome this stress rather than giving way to stress waves which would engulf them.



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