Beauty Trends That Make No Sense
|   Jul 06, 2017
Beauty Trends That Make No Sense

The past few years have seen particularly vibrant, eccentric, and unpredictable fashion and beauty trends. While beauty is an aesthetic concept, subjective to the eye of the beholder, but some of these recent trends aren’t as appealing as you might think. Let’s take a look at a few recent beauty trends that make absolutely no sense to the beholder.

Hangover Styled Makeup

Image courtesy: Sesora

HangoverMakeup or the trend of making your face look like you're hungover originated in Asia. One of the main elements of this look is to highlight the bags under the eyes and style the hair to look dishevelled. This look is so popular that there are many online tutorials to help achieve this look

Rainbow Armpits

Image Courtesy: Instagram

A new trend celebrates armpit hair, dousing it with glamour and livening it up with some colour. It's already enough work maintaining the hair colour on our heads, this trends calls for looking after our armpit hair as well.

Glitter Roots

Image Courtesy: Pintrest

Those familiar with cleaning up glitter will know what a struggle it can be. This hair trendcalls for adding glitter to the roots of your hair, which may just end up looking like shiny dandruff. Not to mention the speckles of shimmer on your pillowcase for weeks.

Lollipop Lips

Image Courtesy: Getty images

Lollipop Lips are essentially lips with smudged lipstick all over them. Imagine your lipstick after a particularly heavy meal, with the remnants of your perfectly applied lipstick all around your mouth and down to your chin. Well, congratulations! You've just mastered the "lollipop lipstick" trend

Tattooed Freckles

Image Courtesy: Dailymail

This bizarre beauty trend sees clear-skinned freckle fans having sun-kissed marks tattooed onto their faces. Once tattooed, the freckles will last up to two years, fading slowly over time. And, if Instagram is anything to go by, there are already plenty of happy customers out there.

Hairy Leggings

Image Courtesy: Contrado

After spending time, money and effort getting our legs waxed, this fashion trend calls for wearing leggings that look just like a pair of hairy legs. These are available in multiple shades to suit various women.

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