Birthing class – why it must necessarily prepare you for caesarean section
|   Feb 25, 2015
Birthing class – why it must necessarily prepare you for caesarean section

“I learnt to BREATHE AND BREATHE in the Birthing classes that I attended through my pregnancy – and then suddenly the doctor announced that I was going to be taken up for a CAESAREAN – and that knocked all the breath out of my lungs!  I was just not prepared for a caesarean” lamented a really disappointed new Mom who came to me for breastfeeding advice.

My heart went out to her.

She really didn’t deserve to be shocked and disappointed like that. Especially after she had made the effort to attend a Birthing class – expecting that it would make the birthing process for her stress free.

Planning Birthing without factoring in Caesarean - in this day and age - is like chasing an elusive fairytale.

If you are an expectant Mom – you need to be informed, that in today’s world – birth by caesarean – cannot be called a very abnormal birth.

There is a 50% chance that you may require a caesarean when you give birth and you need to ensure that you don’t get caught unaware. If you attend a Birthing Class make sure that it covers the intricacies of Caesarean.

Caesarean is a life saving surgical procedure for Mother and Baby.

It is among the safest major surgical procedures performed today.

And the most commonly performed major operation in the world.

Gynaecologists therefore use it frequently to ensure the safety and health of Mothers and their to-be-born babies whenever they envision any sort of complication.

If you are a Mom-to-be – and are asked to undergo a caesarean section instead of natural birth – by your doctor – you are certainly not going to say NO.

But when you are mentally unprepared for a surgical procedure – it will certainly not be easy for you to say YES because you will be bubbling with so many doubts and queries.

I encounter queries aplenty in my Birthing Classes when I begin to explain Caesarean.

Spinal Anaesthesia – which is given to make caesarean painless - terrifies most people.

I completely agree that it is frightening to envision being jabbed in the spine by a needle – but that is only until you understand the procedure. Once you know where the needle goes and what it does – you are no longer scared.

Moms-to-be, I also find - are scared stiff at the thought of being wheeled into the operation theatre and being cut up. And I agree that it can be scary. So I help them get past their fear by explaining - how technically sound - the procedure is and the steps it involves.

Recovering from caesarean section and getting back to good health is also something I find expectant Moms and their families are extremely concerned about – and rightly so. Caesarean is a major surgical procedure and it is important to be instructed well in what one needs to do to recover from it successfully. It is also important to know how to prepare your home and organise the help that is required after you are discharged from the hospital.

Make sure you learn all this in your Birthing Class.

Happy Birthing!

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