Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Advise Everyone to Take a CPR Class
|   Jul 05, 2017
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Advise Everyone to Take a CPR Class

Hollywood’s golden couple, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are letting their fans know how important it is for people, especially parents, to be trained in CPR!

With the increasing dominance of social media worldwide, more and more stars are talking to their fans through their various social channels, and it comes as no surprise that actors and parents, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds also chose to do the same when they had to spread a very important message to their fans, well wishers and audiences in general.

The IT couple of tinseltown, who’re taking parenting their two daughters James and Ines with some not-so subtle dashes of parenting humour, took to Instagram to promote the cause of CPR education among other parents.

The posts were specifically aimed at educating parents about the importance of CPR and quickly went viral, with over a half a million likes and comments in a few short hours.

While Reynolds posed with his trainer and the dolls used specially for the purpose, he also revealed that he had taken a CPR class with the Red Cross before and it had helped him save his nephews life in the past.

 Picture Courtesy: Ryan Reynolds on Instagram

Blake Lively, on the other hand, recommended the CPR class to all “mamas and daddies out there” and posed next to several CPR dummies and a baby doll.

 Picture Courtesy: Blake Lively on Instagram

In the comments of her post, Lively's followers thanked her for promoting CPR education, and many shared personal experiences in which CPR saved or could have saved a child's life.

One commenter even prompted a personal response from the actress. "I had to do CPR on our two and a half-month-old daughter that had passed away, and I wish I knew how to do this before," Emily Hutchinson.

"I'm so sorry. Thank you for sharing," Lively replied directly to Hutchinson in the thread. "Thank you, because when you share your story, we can all lean on each other as mamas. We can also communicate and find ways to best protect each and all our babies together with what we've each experienced."

Kudos to the famous couple for keeping it real as parents and speaking up about issues that really matter!

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