Bouncing Back To Shape After Childbirth
|   Oct 03, 2016

After nine months of carrying around a baby belly, a vital thing that strikes every mom’s mind is to get their old body back. Post partum stuff can take a toll on a new mum’s body – breastfeeding and baby chores etc. can be quite taxing for a new mum.

It is thus, important for a new mu to focus on her health. With the right balance of healing, light exercise, muscle work and good eating, one can reach her goal weight and develop the strength and energy she’ll need to care for the new addition in the family.

In this episode of MOMSPRESSO, our Editor Parul Ohri discusses about ‘Bouncing Back To Shape After Childbirth’ with mommy bloggers Norisca & Vesna, who share their experiences of getting back into shape!


It is very important for a new mum to give herself time to work on her fitness plan, regain her stamina & focus on her health so that she can take care of the baby.


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