Breastfeeding in Public- A Momspresso Video
|   Aug 23, 2016
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It's fairly common knowledge that breastfeeding is good for babies, but that doesn't mean everyone will be happy if you start nursing your little one in front of them. A mother breastfeeding in public has some degree of ‘shock value’, and is considered by many to be a private activity that should only be conducted behind closed doors – or in bathroom stalls.

Lots of women feel shy about breastfeeding when they're out and about, or when family and friends visit. But fortunately, there are ways to nurse your baby confidently, and confidentially, in public.

Tune in to this interesting episode of MOMSPRESSO where three moms discuss their experiences and tips on ‘Breastfeeding in Public’.

Every mom has a different ‘comfort level’ on how she nurses when she is out with her little one. Some are more self conscious or modest than others! Some use covers and others don’t! With time and practice, you'll develop your own technique and will become far more comfortable with feeding your baby in front of others.

Watch the episode to know more!

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